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  1. It's interesting to see a night with a full range of musical styles offering opportunities for some to catch another style of music aside from which they initially intended seeing. This is made possible by the multiple stages, however, conflicting choices like seeing an act inside while another is on the main stage makes it difficult to really see it all.
  2. tonight it will be "On a warm summer's evening"
  3. Photo: Mike Bouchard More photos Setting up soul power band St. Paul and the Broken Bones for opening night of the Ottawa Jazz Festival was a wise choice and those that attended made the correct decision. The 6-piece Alabama soul band has been playing the festival circuit for years. They appeared at the CityFolk festival in Ottawa a couple of years ago to a packed audience inside one of the buildings. It was hot and sweaty that night. This night, was probably perfect weather for an outdoor live music performance. Warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, yet cool enough for lead man Pau
  4. Strange booking. One song. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/u2-bono-edge-canada-day-1.4175180 Any guesses?
  5. St. Paul and the Broken Bones were exceptional. It was interesting to see Paul Janeway slowly work the crowd out of their seats. It wasn't anywhere near packed which is selfishly nice as an attendee. It was also perfect weather for outdoor live music. A strong opener.
  6. Hell yeah. Happy Birthday C-Towns! You also crossed your 15 year anniversary birthday as a valued member in these forums. Joined - June 05, 2002 Total Posts - 9872
  7. I noticed it on Amazon Prime this week and now see how it's over 4 hours. It's a multi-part documentary afterall. I just thought it was a super long film.
  8. maybe that's the rebirth. It's got to start somewhere!
  9. Geezuz. Helluva legacy.
  10. Watch for the karate kick [2:07]
  11. don't forget Cannonball Run
  12. bouche

    Epic Covers

    7 Sgt. Pepper Covers
  13. bouche

    Kobo Town

    If you get the chance to check out Kobo Town, do it. I caught this band in Ottawa tonight for a CD release party and they offer the beats for the feets. Here's a live performance from their appearance on KEXP.
  14. officially announced This comes off strange, as the current owner's farewell message is hijacking the positive legacy over the failure to live up to promise and commitment to the legacy of Eugene.
  15. Yipes. RIP. It must be very creepy to have continued to play for so long, with that little guitarist and Popper playing right next to him after he laid down, realising later what happened.
  16. From what I previously read, it sounded like Eugene made a handshake deal for a vast chunk of the sale. Does that mean he's completely screwed?
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