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  1. I thought the prices were fairly good. For the 2 of us, after a cocktail, bottle of wine, 3 course meal the bill was around $135. check out the menu
  2. I've nearly perfected Beef with Broccoli, one of my favourite dishes that uses broccoli. Here's the post on the foodeeze blog
  3. I've had a chance to go through 600+ photos that I managed to take at the MMJ show. I just couldn't put my camera away. Here's one to start things off.
  4. bouche


    Crazy tornado story
  5. Here's the perfect windows desktop wallpaper for you Velvet.
  6. are winnebago's allowed? bradm, are you taping?
  7. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/storysupplement/gates_microsoft/index.html
  8. i'll reserve the thank you's until I hear this. I'm sure it's great, but I have no idea what the deal is so my thanking would feel shallow.
  9. Black Hole Sun Soundgarden
  10. i wanted to go see the lincoln jazz orchestra with wynnie. by the time bbq lamb kabobs, corn, salad, cookies and chocolate pudding was done it was nearly 9 pm and the sun was on it's way to sleep. At this point my level of wanting to go out was down to a 5 or 6. Too many drinks to drive, and I wasn't sure where the light was for my bike. I imagine that it was pretty damn wicked though if they were playing the big band standards that I expected. so, how was it?
  11. Rob Not Bob Is that Hamish Stuart from Average White Band? Looks like a fun show. it's the hamish stuart from the late eighties and early nineties version of Paul McCartney's band.
  12. hey, are we just now coming to the conclusion that the ottawa ribfest is bullshit?
  13. the original point of my post was really to show another example of someone claiming that their song was stolen when in fact there are many similarities and musical cliches that are unavoidable sometimes. The dude that is complaining, does have a nice song and I think he's taking advantage of Coldplay's song to get some press for his own band, plain and simple.
  14. bouche


    We're so close. Watching sunsets from earth of mars is pretty incredible once you really think about it. There was a time that hearing a voice across a wire was unheard of. The fact that there is almost solid proof of water on Mars is astounding. Is anyone else following the mars mission?
  15. I most of his albums (originals) up to a point. Sentimental Journey Ringo (probably my favourite) Stop and Smell the Roses Ok, "It don't come easy" is a pretty damn fine tune along with "photograph" (thanks to george) and his cover of "You're Sixteen" I do hold some pleasantness towards "Stop And Take The Time To Smell The Roses". There was a good amount of writing credits from george and ringo up to this point which is probably why I like these albums. when I get my LP player setup, I'll invite you over for an after-Beatles listening party.
  16. The beatles broke up...40 years ago! Ringo still hasn't done anything on his own worth listening to.
  17. There's only one thing that is rocket science, and that's chicks.
  18. Coldplay writes some very nice tunes. Chris has a pretty damn fine voice to. high and mighty ex-hippies know it all.
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