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  1. Wed/Thurs/Fri for sure. I'm not going to make it for Earle but will be there for TTB. Definitely Byrne, but also will do a quick pop-in at Trampled by Turtles. Going friday for stuff. Chet Faker seems interesting enough, yeah? 54-40 unplugged though?
  2. https://www.gq.com/story/the-untold-stories-of-paul-mccartney
  3. bouche


    I just thought I should share some photos I was lucky enough to capture of Aretha at Ottawa Jazzfest 2014, but also an iconic scene from the Blues Brothers.
  4. i'm convinced i had it at my previous house. I considered that I may have lent the album out, but I had 2, and don't think I would have lent out both. also missing are a load of videotapes. The most important ONE is a videotape of the Beatles cover band i put together in Kingston…playing at the British Pavilion during Folklore festival. That is gold material. Did I forget stuff in the move? Did things "fall of the truck"? I dunno. But that damn videotape is irreplaceble and worth infitinite laughs.
  5. you guys warm my heart. thank you.
  6. yes, added funds. I used to head there on the bus regularly during high school hours. NOt sure how many classes were skipped to pick up some original Beatles vinyl or new releases by Prince, Terrance Trent D'Arby, Tom Petty, Travelling Wilbury's, you know… all the hits from the mid to late eighties. Most of my record collection was built from that place. Mind you, a few of my treasures have gone missing somehow. Example, The Concert for Bangladesh. I had 2 copies from there. One original, and one re-issue. where the hell do box packs like that go? It's not like missing a fucking sock for fuck sakes. It is amazing that he's been in business as long as he has. I don't think there are any original vinyl shops left in Kingston (like house of sound for example).
  7. https://www.gofundme.com/help-resurrect-brian039s-records
  8. thank you for the warm thread feelz.
  9. I'm not aware of any. The main stage acts seem to help the festival maintain a large presence allowing them to program blues and other genres on the smaller stages and interior stage in the museum. These smaller stages are by no means small, they are certainly overshadowed by the mainstage acts and we can basically just consider this a music festival without any genre in the brand. It is certainly time to change the brand. Ottawa Folk Festival was successfully rebranded as CityFolk Festival. Why not simply just call the bluesfest, the Ottawa Hot Humid and Sometimes Stormy Live Music Festival? Be descriptive and reflective. ? also, I was digging for old posts on this topic and love this post from Velvet in 2009 referencing acts that have been rumoured to appear.
  10. Macca would be great, yet it's hard to imagine how Bluesfest would accommodate Macca attendance. They'd have to redesign the entire layout to fit in at least 200,000 people! I would love to see Ryan Adams join the line-up but would certainly rather an NAC show. More longshots - The Slip, Surprise Me Me Mr. Davis, some kind of Marco Benevento ensemble, Garaj Mahal, and of course Bluegrassy High.
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