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  1. --Everything with the Fink is a game. But Sex with the Fink is a honor

    That's supposed to read. Sex with the Fink is a HORROR. As in Horror Story, as in Story. Like a story without a "Once upon a time" or "and they lived happily ever after.", but instead a "could I please have some more cheeeeeeze on those please? Yes....that's good. No, I said a double. Yes, that's right...double. Yes, 3. 3 doubles, and a bottle of co... er....THREE bottles of coke. And 3 sets of napkins, 3 straws, and .... could you ring these in separately? In 3 ways...that's right. Um, ya, but I only have a $20."

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  2. The Little Fink Who Could.

    Once upon a time, the was a little portugeuse eating machine called The Fink.

    This little eating machine was by no means like any other eating machine. This eating machine had a recurring nightly dream of being locked up in the Hoagie House ™ in Kingston with a girl. This girl would be the one for the Fink too, as she would slice the beef, man(woman?) the grill, melt the cheese, chop the onion, slice the tomato, shred the lettuce, shake the salt and the pepper, all to be assembled into one, or two, or three or four, giantly greasy cheesy bundles of heart warming, blood clogging, goodness for the Fink's insatiable appetite.

    ....continued by DavyBoy in next post.

    • Montreal Canadiens center Trevor Linden has been named NHL Player of the Week for the period of Monday, Oct. 16 through Sunday, Oct. 22. Linden posted eight points (three goals, five assists) and a plus-minus rating of +4 in three games. The Canadiens (4-3-1-0 in eight games) are off to their best start since 1997-98.

    • The Hoagie House:

      Recently closed down for any number of reasons, the House featured moist & chewy subs, dripping with taste. We will also miss the delightful young children who hogged the video game machine 24 hours a day. Not to worry, though, there's still two more in the city

    • Portugal has done a credible job of correcting many economic imbalances and meeting the Maastricht criteria but the efforts must continue. The government needs to adopt structural reforms in health services, education and social security.



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  3. Looks like the NT server crashed where this puppy is sitting. Things seem ok now.

    BTW, Bela Fleck at the Ware HOUSE? Is that a place that you need to prepurchase? Or can you just go to Dave Balls, and have some beer, and then go and get tickets, if he didn't already buy them for everybody?

    PS: Where the hell is Ball? Didn't anyone inform him that he can use the internet to make fun of everybody here?


  4. Hi. I am at the National Science Museum in Ottawa. I just wanted to say hello to everybody. Dave is in the Crazy Kitchen and appears drunk. That's what the crazy kitchen makes you feel like. They should have a fridge with sim beer in it that you have to try and get. Now that would be an exhibit!

    Also, the mission to mars sim ride was fun.

    We saved the prometheus generator on Mars from a giant meteor.

  5. Hey ForbinHead! You blew his cover! Now everyone is going to know who the putz is that is spamming the board with ObjectWorld crap!


    But Mr. Policeman...I guess the only thing right now that I can be sure of is that I can make some more custom graphix. Also, the color seems fine to me, but things can look different on other monitors. Should it be brighter? I guess it could be a darker shade. I'll try that.

    Oh BTW,

    This looks like a job for Davey Boy

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