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  1. Hi. I am at the National Science Museum in Ottawa. I just wanted to say hello to everybody. Dave is in the Crazy Kitchen and appears drunk. That's what the crazy kitchen makes you feel like. They should have a fridge with sim beer in it that you have to try and get. Now that would be an exhibit!

    Also, the mission to mars sim ride was fun.

    We saved the prometheus generator on Mars from a giant meteor.

  2. Hey ForbinHead! You blew his cover! Now everyone is going to know who the putz is that is spamming the board with ObjectWorld crap!


    But Mr. Policeman...I guess the only thing right now that I can be sure of is that I can make some more custom graphix. Also, the color seems fine to me, but things can look different on other monitors. Should it be brighter? I guess it could be a darker shade. I'll try that.

    Oh BTW,

    This looks like a job for Davey Boy

  3. Yeeeeeehaw! Thanks man. There's also a Blaker somewhere in here. Speaking of Blaker, he was holding a giant BOOM mic for a story on schools or something on NBC nightly news that airs tonight. SO make sure you watch it and email NBC and congratulate them on the incredible sound on the (insert segment name here) story.

  4. I'm sure it was fantastic, and I'm glad you were able to go. I looked at tickets to Portland...and so far they look pricey. Actually, the other night the prices were around $1000. Now I just checked (www.expedia.ca) and I see a ticket for $ 750. That's not bad.

    So basically...if the plane tickets are affordable..then Portland would be amazing.

  5. So...where's the review?

    Here's the setlist...

    10/25/00 - Palace

    Theatre, Albany, NY

    Set 1: On the Road, Joyful

    Sound > Pirates, The Road Home,Want, Outside Inside, Daryl*

    Set 2: SKORT, Lost >

    Jam** > Mouna Bowa, Resume Man***, Black and White >

    Well You Needn't >Lonesome Road Blues, Howard





    new bluegrassy tune, first time played

    ** with Free Falling (Tom Petty tune)


    *** with Soul Man tease

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