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    bouche reacted to Pablo Sanchez in So I have a new instrumental trio that is pretty fun   
    Turns out that playing guitar in a improv focused trio is actually my favourite thing in the world to do.
    By a very strange turn of events, I've started a project with Chas Guay and Matt Aston called Original Sound Track. I was introduced to Chas years ago in PEI by Punk. Chas was his bass guitar mentor coming up. So Chas now lives in Ottawa and we got something started around Sept 2019. This band is really like 90% pure improv at this point. That being said, I feel like we are tearing a hole in the universe weekly and honestly that is pretty much everything I need from music.
    Posting hand held jam room recordings weekly here: https://soundcloud.com/user-77130993-304645937/nov-11-jam-3-m
    Looking forward to maybe playing for people someday
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    bouche reacted to ollie in Union Of Authority - Breakout 2020   
    Hello friends!
    We are back with some sound treats and sick beats! First up is our ode to Ottawa's rich football tradition, a look back at our youthful indiscretions and a grim portrait of where we stand today. Enjoy!
    Union Of Authority - Ottawa Rriders
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Rest in peace, Eddie   
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    bouche reacted to c-towns in Anyone digging on some new music discovered during the pandemic?   
    I have found a few new (to me) things that I like. Any other suggestions from the few folks still lurking around here?
    The Texas Gentlemen - Floor it!!!
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Happy Birthday Ringo!   
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    bouche reacted to PersonOfInterest in Low Roller launches BGH power grab!!!   
    I got this photo.
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    bouche reacted to c-towns in NPR drops 10 years of streamable live music from the 930 club   
    Some artists you slip forum dweebs will surely enjoy. Unfortunately, it's only audio.
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    bouche reacted to dave-O in where'd the Slip forum go?!?!?   
    Brad getting the Robbie Robertson treatment singing into a dead mic, lol
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in where'd the Slip forum go?!?!?   
    I've seen that 'conductor' guy (shaggy hair, front row centre) in another webcast recently..I think it was Terrapin X-Roads show. Into it.
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in my first GD show on tonight   
    pretty stoked, tell you whut
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    bouche reacted to dave-O in SMMD Sleepyhead transcription help   
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in where'd the Slip forum go?!?!?   
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    bouche reacted to ersh in Me!.....**Current Fantasy** Every day on facebook!   
    Hey all!
    I've been streaming every day for the past few weeks...well, almost every day - sundays off. 
    I've been doing a live electronic thing... mostly all improvised.  Lots of synths, lots of jamming.  Usually about 45 minutes long.
    lots of music here....
    Monday - Friday...10am EDT...Saturday at 10pm.

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    bouche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in Ottawa Bluesfest officially cancelled for 2020   
    Having been at the helm of RBC Bluesfest since 1994, I can say that although we have weathered many storms, including a tornado in 2005, a stage collapse in 2011, and a family of stubborn killdeers in 2018, COVID-19 is one that we cannot overcome in 2020.
    Even a month ago, the idea that we might not hold the 27th edition of the festival was unthinkable. But in light of the serious situation confronting us this summer, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the RBC Bluesfest for 2020 is cancelled. 
    First and foremost, all ticket purchasers will be entitled to a full refund. We understand how important that is to many in this time of uncertainty. We are honoured that so many of you put your trust in us by purchasing advance tickets, and while our plans have changed for 2020, rest assured we are moving forward with future projects to bring music to our community. More on that later.
    Our decision to cancel was not taken lightly.  Over the past several weeks, we have listened to advice from healthcare professionals and government officials, and heard the concerns of our patrons. We fully agree that public health must come first—now and always – and support the measures being taken to ensure the health of our community.
    Again, I want to thank everyone for your loyalty and patience as we weighed our options and assessed the potential outcomes of various ways forward.
    To our ticket holders: before you choose to refund your ticket purchase, we would like you to consider the following information: 
    We are working to reschedule many performers for 2021, and will update fans regularly as these acts confirm. Currently we have booked (in alphabetical order): Billy Talent, Blink-182, Blue Rodeo, Boyz II Men, Dashboard Confessional, Jack Johnson, July Talk, King Crimson, Lil Tecca, Patrick Watson, Sharon Van Etten, The National. We’ll also be adding more exciting talent to next year’s event, which will provide the same level of world-class musical performances you have come to expect.
    RBC Bluesfest is one of the longest operating employers in the festival and entertainment community in Ottawa. This cancellation will cause financial hardship for our organization, but we are already in the midst of planning for 2021 and have committed to keeping our staff employed and working on next year's event. We are also exploring new digital initiatives to further our reach and be more accessible to our community.
    We are continuing to deliver multiple community programs including 'Be the Band' virtually, and will resume in-person programs once we are able to. We have been reaching over 7,000 local youth, students and aspiring musicians annually through all of our community programs, since 1999. These programs employ local artists year round and positively influence our local youth through the spirit of music.
    Finally, most of our funding comes from you, our ticket purchasers. We cannot thank you enough for your twenty-six years of ongoing support. It is critical to the survival of the festival.
    We encourage you to think about keeping your ticket for next year, which will help support our local non-profit organization to continue to retain our staff, employ local artists, and deliver an exceptional festival in 2021. Many of our sponsors, volunteers, and supporters have already recommitted to us and we are grateful for their support, now and ever.
    We fully understand if you choose to refund your ticket and will move quickly to make this happen. However, we also want to express our commitment to our community at this date – we are not going anywhere, and when the time is right we will gladly welcome you back to our events. 
    Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and take good care of one another. We wish you the very best and hope to see you soon.

    Mark Monahan
    Executive/Artistic Director
    RBC Bluesfest
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    bouche got a reaction from Mr. Photogeek in Live Stream forum   
    I created a live stream forum for sharing the many streams happening these days.  Please only create a topic for a stream.
    You can indicate if it's paid or free using tags.  Also, you can subscribe to the forum by hitting the "Follow" button at the top of the topic list in the forum to receive notifications of new posts.
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    bouche reacted to Velvet in Finally unleashed upon the public:   
    And our highly anticipated follow-up:
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Live Stream forum   
    good idea!
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    bouche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in Live Stream forum   
    I created a live stream forum for sharing the many streams happening these days.  Please only create a topic for a stream.
    You can indicate if it's paid or free using tags.  Also, you can subscribe to the forum by hitting the "Follow" button at the top of the topic list in the forum to receive notifications of new posts.
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Tommy Chong has got the munchies   
    How does half of stoner duo Cheech and Chong cope with coronavirus lockdown? Fine – thanks to drugs, his wife and the experience of nine months in prison for selling bong pipes

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    bouche reacted to edger in Vibes, Hope & Grateful Nods   
    Just thought it might be worth channeling some energy towards the musicians who inspire us who are fighting for their recovery or who have lost that battle.  
    Recognition, acknowledgement, whatever seems fit I suppose.  I hope the extent of the impact somehow remains minimal....
    RIP Ellis Marsalis, New Orleans Jazz Piano Legend, (father of Branford and Wynton)
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    bouche reacted to Velvet in Finally unleashed upon the public:   
    Pumpkin (My Cat's On Crack) by The Tummies, featuring drumming courtesy of Rockin' Jay McConnery.
    Please watch and share.  This is my retirement plan.
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    bouche reacted to phorbesie in Ottawa People!?!   
    Yep, I get you. Plus, I'll take all the posts anyone cares to make! Sorry I can't be of any help though. 
    But yeah, as bouche said Irene's is great and I think they do have an open mic night but I don't know which night that is.
    In other news, it appears that I picked the right year to move to a remote island and stop going to concerts!
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in I just read a rumour about Maverick's/Dekcuf...   
    FB post from someone associated with CHORD Productions, who seem to have booked a lot of shows there:
    Mavericks/Dekcuf status - I've gotten a gazillion emails asking for info, so I might as well shed some light.
    Mavericks/Dekcuf was purchased by another owner 2 years ago and sadly he let the place go in December. We can only hope a new owner will purchase the place and keep it going as a music venue.
    One thing is for sure, the metal community owes them a great deal. 16 years ago the venue opened its arms to the metal community when no one else in town would. They have hosted all our shows no matter how crazy they seemed. We went from having 2-3 metal shows a year to 70+.
    They have accommodated us beyond belief, load at 10am, load out at 2am, crazy tour managers, angry soundmen, with no complaints.
    The staff are like family to me and it's literally been my second home for half my life.
    I'd like to thank Brass, Babylon, Dom, House of Targ, Rainbow for helping us relocate existing shows.
    We shall see what the future will hold.
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in billy strings webcast again toonite, hippies   
    Billy Strings tonight, too! Just Billy and his dad. 8:30 EST start. 
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