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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Tommy Chong has got the munchies   
    How does half of stoner duo Cheech and Chong cope with coronavirus lockdown? Fine – thanks to drugs, his wife and the experience of nine months in prison for selling bong pipes

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    bouche reacted to edger in Vibes, Hope & Grateful Nods   
    Just thought it might be worth channeling some energy towards the musicians who inspire us who are fighting for their recovery or who have lost that battle.  
    Recognition, acknowledgement, whatever seems fit I suppose.  I hope the extent of the impact somehow remains minimal....
    RIP Ellis Marsalis, New Orleans Jazz Piano Legend, (father of Branford and Wynton)
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    bouche reacted to Velvet in Finally unleashed upon the public:   
    Pumpkin (My Cat's On Crack) by The Tummies, featuring drumming courtesy of Rockin' Jay McConnery.
    Please watch and share.  This is my retirement plan.
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    bouche reacted to phorbesie in Ottawa People!?!   
    Yep, I get you. Plus, I'll take all the posts anyone cares to make! Sorry I can't be of any help though. 
    But yeah, as bouche said Irene's is great and I think they do have an open mic night but I don't know which night that is.
    In other news, it appears that I picked the right year to move to a remote island and stop going to concerts!
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in I just read a rumour about Maverick's/Dekcuf...   
    FB post from someone associated with CHORD Productions, who seem to have booked a lot of shows there:
    Mavericks/Dekcuf status - I've gotten a gazillion emails asking for info, so I might as well shed some light.
    Mavericks/Dekcuf was purchased by another owner 2 years ago and sadly he let the place go in December. We can only hope a new owner will purchase the place and keep it going as a music venue.
    One thing is for sure, the metal community owes them a great deal. 16 years ago the venue opened its arms to the metal community when no one else in town would. They have hosted all our shows no matter how crazy they seemed. We went from having 2-3 metal shows a year to 70+.
    They have accommodated us beyond belief, load at 10am, load out at 2am, crazy tour managers, angry soundmen, with no complaints.
    The staff are like family to me and it's literally been my second home for half my life.
    I'd like to thank Brass, Babylon, Dom, House of Targ, Rainbow for helping us relocate existing shows.
    We shall see what the future will hold.
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in billy strings webcast again toonite, hippies   
    Billy Strings tonight, too! Just Billy and his dad. 8:30 EST start. 
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    bouche reacted to HaMike in 2020 Ottawa Bluesfest   
    July 9 - 6LACK, Alanna Sterling, Charlie Cunningham, Charlotte Day Wilson, Ezra Furman, Jeremy Dutcher, Jontavious Willis, Leif Vollebekk, Protoje
    July 10 - Ali Gatie, Amanda Lowe, Daniel Caesar, Kimberly Sunstrum, Sly High, Southern Avenue, The Barr Brothers, The New Pornographers, Turkuaz w/ Jerry Harrison & Adrian Belew: Remain In Light Turns 40
    July 11 - Angelique Francis Band, Barns Courtney, Braden Foulkes, Crown Lands, Dean Lewis, Gavin McLeod, July Talk, King Crimson, Renée Landry, The Texas Horns, Vanessa Collier
    July 12 - Alanis Morissette, Crystal Shawanda, Dashboard Confessional, Durand Jones & The Indications, Garbage, Joan Osborne, Lora Bidner, Mack & Ben, Matt Maeson, Red Young, Sophia Radisch, The Cinematic Orchestra
    July 13 - CLOSED
    July 14 - Jack Johnson, Jade Bird, Patrick Watson, Sharon Van Etten, The Commotions, The Dip, Vance Joy
    July 15 - Albert Castiglia, Billy Talent, Blink-182, Fémina, FRASE, Grandson, Haviah Mighty, Mike Zito, 
    Nahko and Medicine For The People, NOBRO, Tash Sultana
    July 16 - Cat Power, DJ Shadow, DUCKWRTH, Gentlemen of the Woods, Johnny Shay, Lia Kloud, Lil Tecca, Lloyd Spiegel, Marshmello, The Turbans
    July 17 - Brandy Clark, Cash Cash, Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers, Mischa, Rage Against The Machine, The National
    July 18 - Arrested Development, Big Zee, Boyz II Men, Deltron 3030, JT Soul, Michelle Hopkins, Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin, Nelly, Saints and Sinners Tour (Big Wreck, Headstones, Moist and The Tea Party), The Cooper Brothers Southern Rock All-Star Revue
    July 19 - Blue Rodeo, Étoile Noire, Jessica Mitchell, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind, Lyle Odjick & The Northern Steam, Marco Benevento, Miss Emily,
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Shower beer...a poll   
    Been a while, hippies
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    bouche reacted to phorbesie in Radiohead   
    Never lost power, thank goodness!! Impressed. Wind was totally nuts. The lane had well over a metre of snow, but it got cleared yesterday and i went to the grocery store today!! Velvet was/ is visiting his mom in FL and hasn't been able to get home. He would love to be here logging about the storm!
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    bouche reacted to Freak By Night in Peach Music Festival Initial Line-up Announced   
    2020 lineup announced. The Slip are back!

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    bouche reacted to Mr. Photogeek in Free: Two tickets to Mandolin Orange in Toronto tonight!   
    Mandolin Orange
    with Sunny War
    Wednesday, November 20th
    The Opera House
    Toronto, ON
    Doors 7pm 
    Sunny War at 8pm
    Mandolin Orange at 9:15pm
    Sadly my partner and I can no longer make it to this show. First person to reply get's them. They are mobile entry tickets so I should just be able to forward you the email with the bar codes. 
    Hoping someone can use these tickets!
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in couch tour alert: NOW THE Nov 15th edition   
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    bouche reacted to Esau. in Ahead By A Century   
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    bouche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in Neil Young on latest Conan podcast   
    Looking forward to that one!  Just finished the very entertaining Zach episode.  Listened to the letterman one while doing yardwork.  That was a freaking fantastic discussion.
    I do wish many of them ran much longer.   A 45 minute podcast comes out to only about 25 minutes of discussion with all the sponsor and post-show padding. 
    The Deep Dives with Dana Carvey were pretty hilarious. I enjoyed Dana Carvey for the first time in a long time.  
    I thought I listened to the entire run of season 1, but looking back at the guests, I think I may have missed some epics.
    also looking forward to watching his remote in Ghana.
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Neil Young on latest Conan podcast   
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in This is why I tape!   
    BradM toast @ Irene's tomorrow, just thought I'd bump it with my favourite line of his.
    His uploads at the Live Music Archive
    Photo c/o Bouche

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    bouche reacted to edger in let it be known there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of man   
    Ollie!!! Been a while!
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    bouche reacted to ollie in let it be known there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of man   
    Heavy news. As integral a part of The Grateful Dead as any non-performer in the history of music perhaps. RIP.
    "And it's just a box of rain / I don't know who put it there / Believe it if you need it / Or leave it if you dare
    And it's just a box of rain / Or a ribbon for your hair / Such a long long time to be gone / And a short time to be there"
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    bouche reacted to ollie in let it be known there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of man   
    Edger! Yes, I miss this place! Only felt right to pay my respects here.
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    bouche reacted to DevO in Help me find these bands!   
    Spin Cycle was a Burt Neilson Band offshoot that definitely included Mike Fliposwitch (sp).
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    bouche reacted to edger in Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)   

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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Daniel Johnston Jan 22, 1961 – Sept 10, 2019   
    Sad, a real tortured soul
    Mike got to hang out with him a bit in Ottawa...I think there are photos somewhere on this site of him in a music (or comic book?) shop here in town.
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    bouche reacted to Esau. in Daniel Johnston Jan 22, 1961 – Sept 10, 2019   
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Who was in Comfort Station?   
    I would have paid money to watch you try this.
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    bouche reacted to Hartamophone in Horrible news for our community: RIP BradM   
    I’m assuming Velvet won’t mind if I copy what he just posted on Facebook:
    Attention friends of Bradm:
    On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 @ 5pm there will be a memorial picture hanging at Irene’s Pub followed by a toast to our departed friend.  Brad's mother and brother will be coming to Ottawa to attend and it would be great to see a lot of Brad's friends out for this.
    See you all there!
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