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    bouche got a reaction from Davey Boy 2.0 in Barr Brothers dates   
    until what grade?

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    bouche reacted to mark tonin in Fate of Can Jam?   
    A fun discussion thread to skim through 8.5 years after it happened!  Pretty tired right now but here is some input before my head hits a pillow:
    What is the state of Can Jam music? I don't know, but my guess is (almost) all of the musicians who were playing 8.5 years ago as part of the Can Jam community are still playing music in some capacity. Maybe jam music, maybe not. And I'm guessing a mix of genres and styles for many. Similarly, jam music fans from 8.5 years ago still love live music. They might go out to see less of it for various reasons (e.g. family and work commitments), but they are still fans of live music. And I'm guessing that they are still fans of jam music, but their tastes have grown more varied.
    I'm glad that I finally finished the song "Don't Do It For The Money" that I started 8.5 years ago and discussed in this thread! Yeah, sometimes it takes me a while to finish a song! Hope to get it recorded at some point well before another 8.5 years pass by!  I'm currently playing some music with Ricky Neu (Diesel Dog, Stumbleweed and others) and Dave Voigt (Harvard Mouse), focusing on original songs.  Not a lot of gigs, but am excited to be part of a show in Kitchener on Sat. Feb. 28 with two other acts (Stephen Lewis and Dan Walsh & The Passive Resistors. Walshy's band The Passive Resistors will include some of the Diesel Dog guys ... and will have 2 keyboard players!). I'm guessing it will be jammy at times.
    I've also been working on a documentary film entitled "Jamland" about a small grassroots music festival that I co-founded 8 or so years ago. Most of the filming happened 4 or 5 years ago, and we let it sit for a while before delving back into it over the past year. It is very close to being completed. Given the name, it must be kinda sorta jammy.  And I must admit, I'm very excited about it, because I think it's going to be good. Really good. I hope that when people from these parts see it they will feel the same way. Yes it includes some live footage of bands jamming, and some discussion about jam music, but I'm most excited about the fact that the film includes some short "life" stories about some of the musicians and people involved. I'm really excited because I think it will appeal to lots of people, not just jam fans. We are packing a heck of a lot of stuff into 30 - 35 minutes, so it should move really quickly and be very entertaining. The premiere screening will happen on Thursday June 11 in Waterloo at The Original Princess Cinema, and will include live performances as well. It's going to be a special event and I will post more detailed info about it as the date draws closer.
    Ok, now I really need to get some sleep as tomorrow is a full day that starts early! Thanks for digging up this thread, as it got me thinking and feeling inspired ... and it gave me a chance to do some promoting! lol
    Peace, Mark
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    bouche reacted to c-towns in Fate of Can Jam?   
    I guess a better question is, what is everyone from the bands named in this thread doing musically now? (feel free to add what you know)
    The Fat Cats - Still playing 6 or so gigs a year, side projects include Stumbleweed, Acousticats, (insert more info here)
    Burt Neilson Band - One off BnB gigs, side projects include Peter Elkas Band, Littlefoot Longfoot, The Trews (insert more info here)
    nero - One off nero gigs, side projects include Pleasurecraft, Death Cake, (insert more info here)
    Diesel Dog - Still play regular gigs, side projects include Stumbleweed,  (insert more info here)
    Jimmy Swift Band - Disbanded, side projects include, Scientists of Sound, (insert more info here) 
    Grand Theft Bus - Still play occasional shows, side projects include, The Olympic Symphonium, (insert more info here)
    Slowcoaster - Still play somewhat regular shows, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Days of You - One off shows, side projects include, The Mark T Band (insert more info here)
    Caution Jam - Still play occasional shows in Toronto, side projects include Mark Crissinger Solo, (insert more info here)
    What the Thunder Said - Disbanded, Deeps is in a number of projects in Hamilton, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Vanderpark - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)
    High Plains Drifter - Disbanded, side projects include House of David Gang, Jaydawg's Hype Machine (insert more info here)
    Slammin Jack - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Themasses - Disbanded, side projects include Cloud City, mother mother, BEFE  (insert more info here)
    Recipe from a Small Planet - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Blue Quarter - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Mr.Something Something - Disbanded, side projects include, The DoneFors, Drumhand (insert more info here)
    Jomomma -  Disbanded, side projects include The Elmo Combo (insert more info here)
    tala - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Ferriswheeler - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)
    Bluegrassy High - No relevant information necessary
    Downtime - Disbanded, side projects include nero,  (insert more info here)
    The New Deal - Still play somewhat regular shows, side projects include Dragonette, The Join, One Step Beyond (insert more info here)
    Stephen Franke and Noises from the Toolshed - Disbanded, side projects include (insert more info here)

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    bouche reacted to weezy in Cloud City @ Mercury Lounge (Ott.) Jan. 16   
    Thanks again Brad!
    This will be our first 'showcase' type of show - no opener.  It would be really great to see some skanks out!!  
    We'll be doing some new original tunes along with covers by Soulive, STS9, Jamiroquai and more.  
    Music is 8pm-10pm followed by their usual DJ setup at the Mercury Lounge.
    After this show, we won't be playing again till the spring, so come if you can!
    Cheers, weezy.

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    bouche got a reaction from bradm in PleasureCraft 2014-12-31 available for download   
    Awesome.  Fun to revisit those new additions to the set.  Power of Love, Rock with you, Everybody wants to rule the world were beauty choices eh.
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    bouche got a reaction from Esau. in Bob Dylan performs to one guy   
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    bouche reacted to AD in Ottawa FolkFest becomes CityFolk, moves to Lansdowne   
    If OSEG can get 24k people to football games they can get 15k to the same site.
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    bouche reacted to Booche in For Star Wars fans   
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in 6' of snow in Buffalo today   
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    bouche reacted to c-towns in 6' of snow in Buffalo today   
    Check out this Lake affect roll in

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    bouche got a reaction from Fat Cats in Canadian Jamband Twitters   
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    bouche reacted to AD in Looking for professional clowns for Jamband promo Nov13   
    Maybe you could do a trade and the band could play for 4 hours and $60 at the clown's next party.
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in What's the deal with Ghomeshi?   
    Ghomeshi's youthful efforts to start a Kinks cover band were sidelined when his bandmates found out he didn't know any of their songs
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in What's the deal with Ghomeshi?   
    Jian Ghomeshi was due to be interviewed by Peter Mansbridge last night but called him at the last minute, "I'm sorry Peter I can't do the interview, I'm a bit tied up at the moment"
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in What's the deal with Ghomeshi?   
    What’s the difference between Jian Ghomeshi and a dead horse?
    You can’t whip a dead horse, of course
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in What's the deal with Ghomeshi?   
    I heard he's got a paddle with the name "Truth" on it.
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    bouche reacted to ottawajazz in A Charlie Brown Christmas Concert Featuring the Jerry Granelli Trio.   
    Back in Ottawa by popular demand!  As close as an old friend, as comfortable as an old blanket, the Ottawa Jazz Festival Presents: A Charlie Brown Christmas concert.
    Jerry Granelli, as one third of the legendary San Francisco-based Vince Guaraldi Trio recorded what is arguably the greatest Christmas album of all time in 1965 – the soundtrack to the animated classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.
    Join us at Dominion-Chalmers United Church for this unique opportunity where Jerry Granelli guides us down his own personal "A Charlie Brown Christmas" memory lane. Hear songs from the award winning television classic performed by the Jerry Granelli Trio at the acoustically perfect Dominion-Chalmers United Church.  A perfect show for jazz lovers and a huge amount of fun for the family!  This concert/lecture experience promises a nostalgic romp, and an unforgettable Christmas concert from three of Canada’s most celebrated jazz musicians Simon Fisk on bass and Chris Gestrin on piano. Jerry’s tunes have been a part of Christmas tradition for North American families for the past forty-five years.  Join this outstanding jazz band for a trip down memory lane and a great musical experience for all!
    For tickets visit www.ottawajazzfestival.com or call 613-241-2633
    Thursday, Dec 04, 2014 7:00 PM EST
    Dominion-Chalmers United Church (355 Cooper Street, Ottawa)
    Price: $35 for adults
               $15 for children twelve and under
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    bouche got a reaction from Esau. in Spotify in Canada   
    No need to Canadify this...
    The Barr Brothers – Sleeping Operator
    Loving the album
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    bouche reacted to spectrasonic613 in TONIGHT! Current Swell @ Mavericks in Ottawa   
    Spectrasonic and punkottawa.com present

    Current Swell (Victoria roots-rock, Nettwerk Music Group)

    Still Winter Hills (Ottawa rock and roll)

    The Brook (Ottawa alt-rock)

    Friday October 10 @ Mavericks (221 Rideau St.)
    Licensed 19+ - 8pm doors - $15 advance + service charges

    tickets available at Vertigo Records and www.spectrasonic.com/event/676257

    facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/1458825457729011



    @spectrasonic on instagram

    join our NEW facebook page - www.facebook.com/spectrasonic
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Spotify in Canada   
    Bob Dylan = Neil Young
    Cheap Trick=April Wine
    Britanny Spears=Avril Lavigne
    Bill Murray=Dan Aykroyd
    JFK=Pierre Trudeau
    Deep Throat=Pierre Poutine
    Michael Jordan=Wayne Gretzky
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    bouche reacted to Northern Wish in Ottawa Folkfest noise complaints...   
    Like any successful musician, Kozelek has been hitting the festival circuit, but he ran into some problems when The War on Drugs‘ sound was bleeding into his at the Ottawa Folk Festival. Can you guess how he reacted? According to Exclaim.ca:

    Kozelek attempted to launch into the album’s confessional “Dogs” before noise from the main stage drew the singer into a couple of false starts, prompting him to address the crowd with, “Who the fuÇk is that?” When audience members jovially informed him that it was Philadelphia band the War on Drugs, Kozelek replied by saying, “I hate that beer commercial lead-guitar sh!t” before exclaiming, “This next song is called, ‘The War on Drugs Can Suck My fuÇking Dick.’”
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    bouche reacted to phorbesie in Ottawa Folkfest noise complaints...   
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    bouche reacted to Davey Boy 2.0 in Barr Bros video: Love Ain't Enough on NPR   
    Dig it
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    bouche reacted to Booche in Thom Yorke releases a new album   
    Video of Thom recording this album has surfaced
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