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  1. Bobby sounded horrible.

    Was Phil in the mix?

    I don't get why people feel the need to bash these guys. He really didn't sound too bad.

    Bash away if you really feel the need to.


    My guess - not necessarily directed at the above - is that these people never really "got it" in the first place. But hey. They will. And its sounding great to me.

    You going to be at any Swifty?

    I'm really hoping to find out that Rothbury decides to sell 1 day passes at the last minute. I'll be all over that shit. Seems like some of the other festivals are.

    Anyone know if Rothbury tickets were cheap down there? I wouldn't be able to make it til late Friday or early Saturday...

    I have definitely "got it" and understand if this want directed at me. If it was, Im not going to get into some headier than though nonsense. But I undersand and LOVE the Grateful Dead and always will.

    I really think Bobby did sound awful. A man is welcome to his opinion no? I asked if Phil was in the mix because I really heard no bottom end in the perfomrance and it was dominated by the drums and high end Warren. The song felt very hollow.

    I'm glad people are loving hearing the songs by the boys again. To me, its just not there.

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