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  1. Are familiar with the KUBA model? Knowledge Understanding Belief Act It is something that is fantastic for not only change management but for every day interactions in the workplace... a quick google search gave me this... http://learningvoyager.blogspot.com/2007/04/kuba-to-change.html
  2. Not sure if this has been posted here but i had been reading over on the coventry music blog that Paul Glace has decided to shut down PT for good based on alot of bad press the website has been getting as of late... I could kinda feel it coming to be honest... to many stupid kids doing really stupid things and tying themselves to PT in the end... I hope its not gone because the game itself was really kind of fun and it had alot of great stuff in the land of Phish... heck it helped me grab a Hampton ticket back in the Phish 2.0 return. thoughts?
  3. i feel a Ms. Hux post coming soon.
  4. he is retiring from "good" music it seems.
  5. ForbinHood


    Heard that Joe Cocker is a go as well. I little birdy I know manages an upscale hotel in town.
  6. Congrats Hal... was definitley fun... look forward to it again next season.
  7. thanks otherones... havent listened to any cheese in quite some time... will be great for the mp3 player for the ride on the bus to work
  8. Easy star all stars... Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Dub Band. me likey.
  9. Spears halts a show in BC due to "cigarette smoke" and tells the crowd in Van at the end of the show "Don't Smoke Weed". www.ca.music.yahoo.com/read/news/61987134
  10. Theres an economic crisis going on... havent you heard?
  11. Just the basics and a 40 of vodka in your pack... well that might be considered one of the basics. Worked for me with roo. I say do it.
  12. Wouldn't be fair to those who sat guys on account of number of remaining games' date=' would it? [/quote'] I'm talking next season Ollie... thats exactly the same argument I had earlier this year but i didnt want a mid season change just a larger number of games to start with.
  13. extending the number of games if its unnanimous with everyone. and im gunning for number 7... Booche, its a battle brother!
  14. HAppy birthday Brad... all the best to ya. Cheers brother!
  15. post a pic of em big tix... cant wait for mine... usually takes a few more weeks to make it this far north
  16. Thats where you met Booche for the first time Kev... at that SCI gig. Scary.
  17. Who's got my heady extras... in need of 2. Preferably not the 252 dollar seats... unless they are miracle'd of course.
  18. Awesome brother... congrats from one new Dad to another!
  19. ForbinHood

    Earth Hour

    Neon signs are definitely doable I understand that... but if we are talking open business hours then I'm just saying that ALL lights off are definitely a safety hazard to both the customer and the employee. There has to be some give and take before we are quick to cast shame... especially in these economic times.
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