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    Earth Hour

    I completely understand where you're coming from Jaimoe but playing devils advocate, from a business point of view, where do you draw the line when it comes to health and safety and loss prevention? Just curious.
  2. Funny story.. .I get through on the phone 10 minutes before 11 calling in for Darien tickets... go through the automated as long as it would let me, which was really only a minute and get an attendant... before I even get the chance to bullshit with the guy he asks if I am calling for both shows? I was taken back a bit and say whats that? He says are you looking for both nights because SPAC doesnt go on sale until 1 pm today... I was so caught off gaurd i said no im just looking for Darien... he proceeds to start telling me how he has the whole tour except one night and he and his brother got them ALL through the lottery... we chat and then he says he has to cut me off because there is still 8 minutes to go but if i got through with an attendant with 3 minutes to go i should be good...i pleaded but to no avail. Wished him a good tour and proceeded to call back and got the slowest attendant ever though she was able to pull me a couple of lawns... for this, she is my hero.
  3. cheers brother... probably would have been shut out without that phone number.
  4. Awesome news congrats.. welcome to the skank family.
  5. We are going to see PHISH!!! Lawns bought over the phone. woo fucking hoo!
  6. my thread not good enough for ya? Thanks for the info.
  7. Hey Towns, if i dont score Darien today i might be interested in buying those PA tickets... they lawns or Pavs?
  8. Wow, not one tip out here from all you seasoned users? Just curious about the please wait page once you have requested tickets... is it best to be patient and let that sit for however long it takes or is the system then hung up?
  9. HAppy Day Mr BAll... Cheers to ya!
  10. Anyone that scored tickets last time have any tricks? I heard horror stories just as with ticketmaster... only Darien and the Gorge go on sale tomorrow and at separate times as well... tips? Do they have phone lines as well ala ticketmaster?
  11. Never received the email (Just like Hampton) rediculous if you ask me, but alas I was denied again.
  12. You just get the email Chameleon? Still waiting.
  13. Econolodge in Pembroke is literally 2 miles up teh road from the venue right off the interstate... thats where we plan on staying.
  14. The new album kicks serious ass too. Loving it more than the last couple they released.
  15. you bought a roller coaster? Sweet...
  16. ladies and gentlemen... may i present to you... Every other thread on PT.
  17. Also in for Darien Lake... come on darien... Papa needs a big night of music!
  18. John Lee Hooker... Free Beer and Chicken. THE funky blues.
  19. angreBooche is back. The world is safe again as we know it.
  20. Will consider all offers today... what times the deadline?
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