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  1. Brian, I hope you got em! Trust me, good for the phans man. But admit it, youre just tryin to pad your PT cred around here to knock of Dima as our go to guy
  2. but at the same time ... if its true that only fans got tickets then its a win win.
  3. but arent they people such as yourself that would have been trying for them in the public on sale next friday?
  4. Come on Kev... join us at the Econolodge... did it years back for Trey and it was fine.
  5. Econolodge booked... ticket request sent. Please let me see one show this summer!
  6. and the tour is up! Yay Darien!!!
  7. I flew out of Toronto to Nashville... You can buy a shuttle pass where you get your weekend wristband at a desk at the airport and the shuttle takes you right onto the grounds... the no car camping is very close to the entrance of Centeroo too.
  8. Someone's hangin out with precious again
  9. Happy Birthday Carrie, cheers to ya!
  10. Ok now ur gettin petty skelter... Faht and Rikers mailbox as notables... how about Spocks Brain, Letter to Jimmy Page, Dog Log, Destiny Unbound then... shall i go on
  11. and to add to this thread... no Golgi, Sand, Jibboo, 46 Days, Scents and Subtle Sounds... there are lots they havent played... but damn 83 different songs over three nights for Phish is crazy.
  12. ive heard rumours in the past cople of years that Page didnt want to sing songs about fantasylands and Multibeasts anymore as he is getting older... take it for what its worth... probably nothing... especially cause they played Wilson. This run makes me very excited for the future of my favourite band.
  13. That video makes me very happy!
  14. well four of my ten for the daily dose came in the first set... waiting on Disease Moma Julius llama Makisupa and Tweeprise.
  15. 1 point here for the char 0! Oh wait, that was my first night call... D'oh.
  16. Lawn Boy Antelope holy shit.
  17. Beauty of a Broken Heart ?
  18. ForbinHood


    I have never been more jealous in my entire life. I hope tonight brings that same energy and excitement which im sure it will. They sound ready. Really wanting to play more than ever before. Have fun guys and keep the reports coming. Thanks Todd!
  19. This is just getting stupid. If this show is played with precision IM gonna lose my shit. Good on ya boys! I cant wait to hear this.
  20. man I can't wait to hear this. damn.
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