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  1. WHile that did blow everyones mind doggy... ive got to say mine from that stand was the sunset with dvd sky behind the stage... absolutely brilliant. but hell those ck5 lights and the nastiest 2001 was damn tasty.
  2. Opener: The Curtain With Closer: Character 0
  3. I thought his interview last night with Tina Fey was horrible. Unwatchable.
  4. Yes sir! Thank you my friend. Thank you Phish!
  5. awesome. Thank you so much!
  6. If you can afford to eat at the beer bistro in Toronto then you probably are not in the line of people needing a buyout at this time. Now if McDonalds was to do this, that would be a different story.
  7. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance. jcphish@yahoo.com
  8. I've seen you arm... i beg to differ. Even with Randy Moss.
  9. Was it a money drop on behalf of the Pats with Brady coming back? Adding Vrabel, a very solid outside linebacker though aging at 33 with only a second rounder in return. I'm slightly confused. Seems like a great deal for the Chiefs especially with having the number 3 pick in the first round as well.
  10. Yes it does Booche... I played in that tournament many times. Used to be known as one of the biggest tournaments around.
  11. He grew up to be a flasher, that old man Basher.
  12. I would wet the bed for a piece of starhead. baby jokes. too soon?
  13. ForbinHood

    rim job...

    1/4 but i lost the rim. Man that doesnt feel to good.
  14. Happy Birthday Margaret... Cheers to ya!!
  15. Whats the dealio C? why ya droppin everything?
  16. All right Hamilton. Cheers to ya brother. Happy Day!
  17. I was expecting more than one NR. Get yer shit together
  18. BestBuy.com is advertising the price as 49.99 almost half off the DryGoods price. oh to have some spare change right now.
  19. i miss beavertails. no comment necessary Booche.
  20. You are definitely in my thoughts brother. ((((((((HeadyhealingvibesforBoogieKnight)))))))
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