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  1. I'm sorry that I disappointed you. I didn't want anyone showing up to find they weren't there. Next time I guess... I remembered because I missed the show but wanted to go (mostly for Bonobo who opened....they are so incredible), but it was my 30th birthday weekend.
  2. um...that listing is from LAST year. Buck65 and Kinney Star are at the Opera House that night. Sorry to disappoint. check the calendar here...
  3. I really wish we could - but the "fridge" is on some scary ground. Needs new calipers for the brakes. That is why I would prefer to be somewhat local (just in case dad needs to safe me!!) But hey, I will be thinking of all of you having fun in the sun.
  4. I am being to lazy to check what is happening since I Have been working like a mad fiend for 3 weeks....is there anything goin on in the Toronto (+/- 3 hours) that weekend?
  5. camomile tea and guzzle honey straight from the bear.
  6. Sorry we had to jet Deb. I had to take Chrissy home. His strep throat came back and he was in no shape to take on another day. Promise that we will make the next one and will be there is full force. It's our anniversary July 1st weekend!! We had a awesome time less the rain, snow and death metal campers on the other side of the rock fence. Caught Daves set in the Saloon and it was warming in more ways then one.
  7. Usually they make there way across the country this time of year, so when I tried to pull up there web site.....it wasn't there? Anyone know what's happened?
  8. what did I say when I found the right words? Very approachable. Never going to recognize you - even in the state I usually am in.
  9. Happy Birthday Girl!! No one here knows you like I do.(except maybe B, Rhea, Jules and pikey, but are they here? no). Have a wonderful day and a bright and shiney new year. You light up so may peoples lives.
  10. maan. How do I attach photos cause I have some doozies for you
  11. torturing my assistant with a Bonobo Live set. Sorry Mike - no AC/DC today
  12. Thanks - I will try to not miss them next time around.
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