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  1. howdy folks, Hoping to get 4 tickets for the Noblesville show. Please lemme know if there's any out there. Cheers, Slouchy
  2. Howdy Everyone, A friend's band fairly new to the jam scene will be playin 2 doors down in Brantford on Monday January 21st and Saturday jan 26th. If you live in the area come check out the Mennogroove if you can! Here;s a link to their myspace page--> http://www.myspace.com/mennogroove Most of the tunes on their page are improv jams and have been posted early last year, come check em' you may like em! Cheers all,
  3. Not sure if this has been posted as yet but I've personally been waiting for the slide slinger to come to our side of the fence for a long long while. This should make for a fantastic Jazzfest! For full Canadian dates check Derek's site: http://www.derektrucks.com/tour_info.html Cheers All!
  4. Sorry, should have mentioned the site for the BB&BBQ's www.b3festival.ca
  5. The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir are also playing the Blues Brews and Bb-q's (August 11-13) in K-town opening the mainstage on Sunday at high noon. As well they are doing a workshop at the boathouse (Victoria Park) @ 2:30 - Bluegrass Blues!! Thought i'd drop this for the folks in K-town. Definitely lookin forward to the workshop and hearing these guys do there thing.
  6. It was great to see the many faces of Les last night. Too bad it left me craving more and more. I honestly thought when I bought these tickets that I'd be in for a hell of a night. Very surprising that @ 9 o clock it was time for us to leave. The funny thing was that everyone left and the place was dead (i'm certain possibly for a couple hours). Left dissapointed after all (of course not by the music) but a 2hour set!! THey were just getting warmed up. ANyone have any tips on not purchasing tickets to shows like this?? Was it perhaps because it was a Friday at a club?(like most have said). the lousiest thing about this was that I started my holidaze this night and could have headed up north instead of going to this show. If I hadda known better I prolly woulda just skipped the show to get a head start up north. Anyways, just my 2 cents, great show, just short.
  7. Thank-you kindly ge-off. Makes it hard for folks just gettin off work around then comin from k-town. Ah well, Thanks again,
  8. Just got off the phone with a guy @ the Phoenix. Told me the doors open @ 6:00 and the show begins @ 6:30 (early show that will end around 9). Never been to the Phoenix before for a show, never been to a show that ended @ 9:00!! Any inside information I should know about?? They just tryin to get us there to buy beers until Mr Claypool arrives?? Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks folks,
  9. Final song of the duo's set was not Scratchitti but rather Becky.
  10. Good Morning folks! I wasn't sure as to where to post this ad (was going to put it in the WTB/WTS) but of course you can't buy or sell people ;o). A buddy and myself (bass & guitars) are looking to start a band to get some gigs in the K-W area. We are in need of drums/percussion. Where better to find like minded musicians but on jambands.ca?? We are trying to cross all genres from bluegrass, funk, raggae, from jazz to rock, and fusing all of these together to try and do something a little different. Basically "groove music" we all like to move to. WE are in the early begginings of starting this band but we have rehearsal/jamspace already. Basically looking to start something that'll get people up and dancin'. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in we'd like to hear from ya. We need a committed person to come out a couple times a week and someone who is interested in contributing whatever they can to create something new. PM me and hopefully we can get something going real soon. I apologize in advance if I should'nt have posted this ad in this forum. Thanks for your time, Slouchy
  11. first time @ Frontier town and it didn't dissapoint. Caution jam definitely the highlight of my weekend. Had to cut out early on Sunday morning as snow had kicked in and we just weren't feelin it. A many thanks to you that stopped by the big blue tent for a visit! It was nice to meet some of you folks, and I hope to meet more of ya's possibly in September (unless we end up @ moe. down) Frontier town must be kick-ass when the sun's shinin!! I know it did on Saturday! Cheers,
  12. All I can picture is those hairy dudes singin some love song snappin there fingers in that video, Wonderin when they were gonna hug eachother. GAWD!!! Did anyone really like that song? Or are they just afraid to admit it? Who gets into that sutff?? (sorry to any of you that do, but man,) Sorry for the trauma Stone Mountain, I totally know where yer comin from. Cheers,
  13. Actually I woke up to it on my alarm clock (even worse) let's just say a little rage kicked in and that alarm clock is no longer with us. I have an internal alarm clock now to avoid this happening again. Life is much better without Extreme!
  14. Unfortunately when I lived out west (this was a while back, but it's stuck with me till this day) I was rudely awoken by (sorry to any fans on the board) Extreme's More than words. Sorry folks, the song never did nothin for me, and the damn song was in my head all day! Couldn't stand that band one bit. What a day that was! I think I had to crank DEAD and drink whisky all day to shake the song. Cheers,
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