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  1. The wierdest, coolest little village for sale not too far from Ottawa: http://www.oshack.ca/ Really the most amazing festival location. Check out the pictures. $395.000.
  2. Congratulations Steph and Matt! The journey begins... Lots of love to you and little dude. xoxo
  3. really?? I had the album review all lined up for the week before... wait till feb then? let me know if anything changes.
  4. Lets hear about the new job Shain...
  5. shitty time for that to happen to the acorn. press is all about their new release right now.. they leave on their cross canada tour soon. yuck.
  6. The love machine... since their press pic is somewhat obscure, here's a pic I took a few weeks back. Super pop-rock band, they're young with a kickass debut album... I'd say go early and check them out. Sean Preston (centre) is the heart of the band, great voice and sweet lyrics.
  7. dear miss allison that was lovely. it brought tears to my eyes. *sniff sniff* lp.
  8. And this one... they're so cute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE9OXATfF0o&mode=related&search=
  9. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNPOdffkkLo&mode=related&search=
  10. Gigs... I'm shooting folk fest... but if I can I'd come after or leave for a bit and stop by... What's your timing like tonight? (Thanks for the reminder BradM last night!)
  11. Do you mean Garaj Mahal... or you've given up on that one? I'd travel to see GM on a weekend in Toronto... not a Monday though.
  12. Sorry you're feeling down.. that sucks. What do I do? I kinda wallow for a while... then kick my ass into gear by getting out of the house and doing something that I normally enjoy... even if I dont feel like it... like going to a museum, or a beach or for a hike. It almost always works. Its just the kicking your own ass part that is hard to get going...
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