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  1. Hi all. I'm seeing Phish tonight. Can't wait and made me think to say hello. Hope everyone is well! wishing you all the best, Shain
  2. I knew him pretty well from the old days at the comfort zone. RIP. good guy.
  3. Been ages since I posted.. How is everyone? - Shain
  4. The Fat Cats are/were a HUGE part of my life. One that defined who I am as a person in many ways. Much love lads and best of luck.
  5. Infinite Jest is amazing. one of the best reads ever, albeit quite long.
  6. Not sure how many of you went to SXSW.. But if you did, it's cause of this guy. He was a class act... He'll be missed. http://www.austin360.com/music/brent-grulke-creative-director-at-sxsw-dies-2435507.html
  7. Ah, missing them by a day!
  8. Hi all. My girlfriend and I are visiting Ottawa on Sep 2-4. It's a holiday as I'm back visiting the folks and she wanted to see more of Canada, outside of Toronto. We're staying at a hotel right by the houses of Parliament and was curious if anyone was up for a few beers the night of Sep 2 or 3. Or if there was a gig. It'd be nice to be back, as I haven't been back to Ottawa in about 7 years. cheers.
  9. I had no idea. That sucks. RIP.
  10. The link didn't work? I think you met Ro, Blane Here it is: http://mim.io/e88582
  11. Hi all. If anyone is in the UK in May, come say hello. Canada at The Great Escape I'm home for a while in August. Hope all is well.
  12. we do a big canada house there blane. it's at the blind tiger club.. all canada, all three days.
  13. amazing mate. i'm in canada for sxsw.
  14. wow, the borderline! 250 cap max. Great venue to see Mike in.
  15. 2nd straight time moe is coming to London and I'm away. boo.
  16. Hi all. I just wanted to wish all of you a belated happy new year. I'm not really on here much, but I do lurk from time-to-time and it seems everyone is doing well. Any news? Is the bird still the word? Does everybody really know? nero NYE must have been terrific... same with Phish MSG. so, wishing you all the best from the UK. - Shain
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