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  1. Its on Mule's site as well. He did miss the Philly show due to a sting. He didn't miss any other July shows. Due to family matters he will miss this first week of shows in August with no clear date set for his return other than a 1 week estimate.
  2. http://www.bigsummerclassic.com/ Set times half way down on the page, click on the link. I tried to directly link but no go.
  3. HaMike

    Free Mule Show

    Looks like MMW and the Mule are playing for free at Artvoice Street Festival,Buffalo,N.Y. on Sunday 6/26.
  4. Out of town camping (30 miles north)= Harriman State Park- off NY Rt 17. Its not on a public transit route for commute but is a pretty and inexpensive night's sleep before you arrive. I used to find Southgate Towers on 7th near the Garden reasonable. Use your hotel for secure parking without additional costs.If they charge it will be cheaper than other parking. There's no reason to use your car. You use the subway. If you feel you need a taxi no problem. My only advice is NEVER take a cab crosstown during business hours. Its just as quick to walk and you won't pay for time in gridlock.
  5. Check the WNED schedule. Tucker's show is broadcast a few times. I think the next one is May 10.
  6. Very likely that another Toronto show will be added.
  7. HaMike

    Black Crowes

    Montreal is confirmed for the night before Toronto at the Metropolis.
  8. Shea's in Buffalo has no onsale info yet but the presale goes tommorrow for Detroit.
  9. Lanois,Moody Blues,50 cent,Bela Fleck,John Hiatt,Kimockx2,Little Feat,Herbie Hancock,Deadx4,Warren Haynesx2,Yes,Allmansx3,Mulex3,Moe,Dylanx4,Hot Tuna
  10. Great interview! Although I would have loved reading his impressions of John Cippolina too from Steve's years with Zero.
  11. Locally tix are avaliable at Rotate This,Soundscapes and Sonic Temple.
  12. http://www.tralf.com/events/#jun19
  13. The guy who started that list on philzone discussion pages has since said he made it up.A few things were wrong with it;Santana in Europe,no weekday shows at Alpine and one venue already had a different band listed for the night it was on this list. Warren(solo acoustic) and Hunter have both said that they will open some shows.
  14. HaMike

    Dylan's back

  15. www.dead.net/thedead/2004/winterjam/index-nf.html
  16. Just saw that Blackie & the Rodeo Kings are playing the Casbah on Nov. 28 & 29 .
  17. Just saw an ad yesterday in Buffalo's Artvoice for DJ Logic in Buffalo at Nietchze's on Nov. 15.
  18. The floor is all but sold out but as of yesterday there was still 4th row balconys avaliable! Not too shabby. We'll be there.
  19. There's still tickets left. Currently selling Row RR in the balcony. Row UU is the last row. Looks like it could be a sellout before the doors open.
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