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  1. LMFAO just announced dates that end in Toronto on July 4. Carolyn Wonderland according to Pollstar.
  2. http://www.indiegogo.com/Haight-Ashbury-Museum-of-Psychedelic-Art-and-History
  3. July 10 and 11 according to this: http://www.pollstar.com/resultsCity.aspx?ID=61616&SortBy=Date&SearchBy=ottawa
  4. Good cause being administered by a cool organization. https://www.sweetrelief.org/program/robin-sylvester-fund/
  5. 8 pm eastern tonight! Robin didn't make yesterday's rehearsal so it might just be Rob on bass all night.
  6. Mavis Staples Ontario dates this month: Tue 01/24/12 Kingston, ON Grand Theatre Wed 01/25/12 Saint Catharines, ON Centre For the Arts Fri 01/27/12 Brampton, ON Rose Theatre Brampton Sat 01/28/12 Burlington, ON Burlington Performing Arts Centre Sun 01/29/12 Toronto, ON Koerner Hall
  7. Music to start in March 2012. http://terrapincrossroads.net/news/inspiration-move-me-brightly-an-introduction-to-terrapin-crossroads/
  8. HaMike

    Furthur 12/29/11

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'll always have a thing for the Bay area and miss my friends that are still there.. I got to go to New Year's in 82,83,84 and 87. In 86 I went to the comeback shows and the first two of the New Year's run. My elderly Mom needs care 24/7 for now so all good things in all good time. The dancing shoes went to Radio City, Best Buy, Bethel,SPAC,Canandaiqua,Wilkes Barre,Buffalo,Columbus, and St Louis this year but there's nothing like a west cost show!
  9. HaMike

    Furthur 12/29/11

    No. I haven't been to New Year's since the 80s but I sure get a kick out of listening from my living room.
  10. HaMike

    Furthur 12/29/11

    Tonight's show is streaming on the same link.
  11. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/eight2theuniverse
  12. Hey Pete! Here's the Ashes and Glass from the same night: http://www.tristudios.com/
  13. There's also a Furthur rebroadcast on Friday. Here's the schedule and links: http://www.tristudios.com/upcoming
  14. This is probably the cheapest closest place. http://www.hojo.com/hotels/new-york/saugerties/howard-johnson-inn-saugerties/hotel-overview
  15. Here's a recording of the Mule set with guests. Check out Phil on the Dear Mr Fantasy! http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=550691 Here's the Phil & Friends set. http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=550692
  16. This is where one person stated that it will be streamed Saturday night. I don't think WNCW will have it. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/squirrel95
  17. Tribute to Hubert with Warren and Los Lobos right now!
  18. It's on now. Jackie Greene coming up.There's guests including Warren. I just heard Jorgen and Danny sitting in.If you hear Christmas music they're between bands. http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wncw/guide.guidemain
  19. The sound is distorted but not too distracting to check out:
  20. Looks like a wealth of great music in the Hammer with Maria Muldaur and Col Bruce on the same night!
  21. I went to Picks n Sticks for tix today.Cash with service fee is 62 and 10-16 year olds is 22. If you pay with credit card add 1.50 to each ticket. Ticketmaster is 66.50 for an adult ticket.
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