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  1. That was an awesome night. We had a blast playing. Could have kept going till sunrise. Those fireworks at the end of the night were are real topper. Again, thanks Kenny for all the great nights we played at Pepperjack's. And to everyone that has supported the scene in Hamilton for all these years, cheers to you as well. Thanks everyone for a memorable evening. PJC will be missed. See you down the road. FAT CATS
  2. Nice way to start 2009. Looking forward to sharing the stage with the Burt Boys once again. See ya there!
  3. Hey. It's pretty snowy out there. A good night for music. We'll be keeping things warm at 2 Doors tonight! Don't wanna let a little snow get in the way of this party. See you there.
  4. Hey. We will be playing 2 Doors Down in Brantford on Friday, Dec 19th. Last time was a blast. Those Brantford kids know how to rip it up. See ya there. Fat Cats
  5. BUMP city. See ya'll Saturday night.
  6. Hey kids, Just wanted to let you know we will be playing at Two Doors Down in Brantford this Friday night the 10th. Full band - All Electric See you there. Happy Turkey, Fat Cats
  7. If I can remember right, Gatch's first new tune is called, "Doin' All The Tellin" and the second one we played is called "Wolfhunter".
  8. Thanks to everyone for coming out.We had a blast playing for you guys on Saturday. Murphy band was sounding pretty sweet as well. It was a pleasure to share the stage with those guys. It's also great to have Ed on board. Maybe next time we can mix it up a bit between the bands and have a big jam. Thanks again. Fat Cats
  9. Come on Ed. Tell em the true meaning... Looking forward to this forst show with Ed. I know the rest of the guys are excited as well. Bring yer dancing shows as usual.
  10. Looking forward to Saturday night! Get yer green on. See you at the show fat cats
  11. Howdy, So it's that time of year again to get green and and be green in the face the next day. St. Patties with the Fatties Saturday, March 15th The Pepperjack Cafe 38 King William St. Hammertown So come join us and the good folks at Pepperjack's to shake it on down. And remember, everyone's Irish on the 15th. Slainte! Fat Cats
  12. Thanks everyone. It's very cool indeed. The little guy is pretty awesome. The birth was at home as well so that was a new experience. my wife Amber was amazing. All natural birth. Everyone is happy and healthy. That's all we can ask for. I figure one more and I'll have a pretty strong rhythm section for a family band. Hopefully some of you guys will get to meet him at a summer festival! Thanks again. Josh, Amber, Callum & Ewan
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