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  1. Stoked for this show! These 2 musicians together are going to kill it.
  2. phunkyb


    Dan Lebowitz plays tons with Phil and Terrapin Crossroads. Nice to see these guys at it again and look forward to listening to the new record.
  3. PSA: Groupon has discounted tickets. https://www.groupon.com/deals/gl-lnc-moe-and-blues-traveler-toronto-2019?utm_campaign=UserReferral_mih&utm_source=undefined&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0vmO4142dOKHti_89tE-wlZruk2Gbt-gfEm2AhDr0WOg1qrzFr5VPoNBI
  4. Duster's on Sunday! This is so close to Buffalo. Excited for this.
  5. Also this new low... https://www.groupon.com/deals/gl-lnc-outlaw-music-festival-11
  6. i sent you a PM. i have a buddy who would def be interested.
  7. Sorry I can't make the Toronto show, out of town. Would have been nice. Liking this board is getting some revitalization happening.
  8. Thanks for the music Brad! What are you listening to right now? RIP brother. Aloha.
  9. I need a single to Pitt, if you want to split em up.
  10. Hi Folks. If anyone is interested I am working the Green Market in Toronto on Thursday. For free tickets go to link above and where is says promotional code type BUDZ. That will get you a free ticket to the market. Link for details... https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/green-market-420-block-party-tickets-33120496296 I have worked a bunch over the past couple months. A friend of mine is a vendor. The market will meet all your medicinal edible needs. There is also a DJ from Tribe called Red and always free dabs. Its a great time and this one is one of the biggest they have done. It will be in Kensington. I'll be at the Fritz booth. Come say hello.
  11. If anyone has confirmation on pre sale password that would be great
  12. I remember that Acadian Driftwood so clearly. What a fun night.
  13. I'm jumping on this thread. I am looking for JRAD 12/29 or 30 tickets. There's also a bunch of 12/31 on Stub Hub for $80. I know, Stub hub horrible and I'm not jumping the gun yet but if I need to I will.
  14. Fruition is from Portland Oregon. Playing tomorrow night at the Drake Underground. I've seen them a bunch and they are pretty beautiful sounding. Female mando player who is fantastic and Jay Cobb Anderson on guitar. If you can make it tomorrow night you should.
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