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  1. http://bit.ly/ZltFEP Bob Marley & The Wailers - Kaya 35th Anniversary Edition (Deluxe Edition) Kaya continues what has become an unspoken tradition in the evolution of Bob Marley & the Wailers discography — blending western sounds and motifs with the icons and traditions from the very core of Jamaican society. In fact, the very word “kaya†is synonymous with marijuana in Rastafarian culture. Likewise, the album Kaya could be easily construed as an open love letter or musical paean to the lifestyle that Marley so eagerly embraced and promoted. Themes of commonality and unity pervade this release more so than previous albums. Likewise, the overt political stances that had become somewhat of a moniker for Marley and the Wailers are temporarily replaced by timeless compositions, such as the eternally optimistic “Easy Skanking†and “Is This Love.†Marley had not — as some proclaimed — gone soft, however. The light, at times practically giddy, rhythms on “Satisfy My Soul†contrast the darker brooding sonic and lyrical images on “Running Away.†The most pressings issues Marley deals with concern ever-increasing spiritual consciousness. Throughout Kaya, humble thanks is offered to, as well as guidance sought from, Jah — evidence that the spirituality that permeates the Wailers music is real and not lip service. Kaya could be considered the oasis before the political and personal eruptions that would inform and influence Marley and the Wailers next studio releases Survival and Uprising. - Lindsay Planer As a bonus, the Kaya: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition also includes the non-LP track “Smile Jamaica,†which was originally released as the B-side to “Satisfy My Soul†and was written for the people of Jamaica after the assassination attempt on Marley’s life at the Smile Jamaica unity concert in 1976. Disc two features the rare, unreleased audio recording of a sold out performance at Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 7, 1978. It had originally been planned to be released with the Babylon By Bus album but was never released. mp3@v0 Track List Disc 1/2 1. Easy Skanking 2:56 2. Kaya 3:15 3. Is This Love 3:51 4. Sun Is Shining 4:57 5. Satisfy My Soul 4:34 6. She’s Gone 2:25 7. Misty Morning 3:33 8. Crisis 3:54 9. Running Away 4:15 10. Time Will Tell 3:31 11. Smile Jamaica (Bonus Track) 5:03 Disc 2/2 1. Positive Vibration (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 5:29 2. The Heathen (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 4:05 3. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 3:46 4. -Concrete Jungle (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 5:48 5. Rebel Music (3 O’ Clock Road Block) (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 5:14 6. War-No More Trouble (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 6:22 7. I Shot The Sheriff (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 4:28 8. No Woman No Cry (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 6:42 9. Is This Love (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 5:55 10. Jamming (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 7:54 11. Easy Skanking (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 4:50 12. Get Up, Stand Up (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 4:55 13. Exodus (Live At Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands July 7, 1978) 10:43 http://bit.ly/ZltFEP
  2. http://bit.ly/17Svmwj Page McConnell – Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made “Movies never made, well, at least not yet. A series of soundtracks, maybe… Can a soundtrack exist without a film? Okay, future soundtracks, soundtracks-in-waiting, potential scores searching for a script. In the meantime, hopefully the listener might develop their own plot lines and imagine a storyboard: Soul Etude, a perious piece; The Lemon Drop, a psychedelic coming of age film; Late Edition, a spaghetti-western; Candlestick, a murder-mystery (possibly an independent Canadian release); or even Arbor Day, a Lifetime original made-for-TV-movie. Sprinkled throughout are a few impressionistic interpretations of unsung cities; not to say these places have never been mentioned in song, but certainly not over sung. Please enjoy these soundtracks as they float through time, a sort of phatom foreshadowing of films that lay in waiting and cities that, after this release, might be a little less unsung.†– Page McConnell mp3@320 Track List 01 – Arbor Day 02 – Ava Green 03 – Late Edition 04 – Yakima 05 – Marfa 06 – Barre 07 – Candlestick 08 – Altoona 09 – Soul Etude 10 – The Lemon Drop Bass – Reed Mathis Drums – Gabe Jarrett Guitar – Adam Zimmon Keyboards – Page McConnell Organ – Page McConnell Piano – Page McConnell http://bit.ly/17Svmwj
  3. I've been following the scanner feed too. It's quite fascinating to listen to ... much better then the endless drivel on the 24hr news channels. I'm listening to it on ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ma-rt-9-window-cam?utm_campaign=ustre-am&utm_source=6807252&utm_medium=social
  4. good live feed here with news before the news: http://reddit-stream.com/comments/1co395/
  5. Great news! Will be waiting for the cheap PizzaPizza tix again this year hopefully Carlock is such a good drummer ... love watching him play.
  6. http://bit.ly/XN1Tlw Grateful Dead - Europe ‘72: The Complete Recordings (1972-5-25) Grateful Dead - Europe ‘72: The Complete Recordings 1972-05-25 (Thu) Strand Lyceum, London, UK The second set jam this night is unique both in terms of the tour and the greater Grateful Dead history, featuring three three Garcia-sung songs in a row: “Uncle John’s Band>Wharf Rat>Dark Star.†All three are top notch, and “Wharf Rat†was quite a rarity on this tour, so this is a nice treat. mp3@v0 Track List CD 1 of 4 Promised Land Brown Eyed Women Big Boss Man Black Throated Wind Tennessee Jed Mr. Charlie Jack Straw China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider Me and Bobby McGee CD 2 of 4 Good Lovin’ Playing in the Band Brokedown Palace Casey Jones Me and My Uncle Big Railroad Blues Chinatown Shuffle Ramble On Rose CD 3 of 4 Uncle John’s Band Wharf Rat Dark Star Sugar Magnolia CD 4 of 4 Comes A Time El Paso Top Of The World Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad One More Saturday Night http://bit.ly/XN1Tlw
  7. Here's one. I'll try to do the other soon: http://bit.ly/126FnDJ Grateful Dead - Europe ‘72: The Complete Recordings (1972-5-26) Grateful Dead - Europe ‘72: The Complete Recordings 1972-05-26 (Fri) Strand Lyceum, London, UK The last night. As much the band could be forgiven for being exhausted and ready to go home, they brought their A-game and played what many consider to be one of the top two or three shows on the tour. A 19 song first set (!) ends with the usual second set closer “Not Fade Away>GDTRFB>Not Fade Away,†and the set also included a 17 minute “Playing In The Band,†the show at which “Playing†became the 17-25 minute jam vehicle it would be for the rest of 1972 through 1974. The second, set, though, is so good that it was immortalized on Side 5 and Side 6 of the Europe ‘72 album. What that album is missing from this jam, though, is a terrific “Other One†around the “Morning Dew,†and the finest (and totally appropriate) “Sing Me Back Home†of the tour. mp3@v0 Track List CD 1 of 4 Promised Land Sugaree Mr. Charlie Black Throated Wind Loser Next Time You See Me El Paso Dire Wolf Two Souls In Communion Playing in the Band CD 2 of 4 He’s Gone Cumberland Blues Jack Straw Chinatown Shuffle China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider Not Fade Away Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad Not Fade Away CD 3 of 4 Truckin’ The Other One Morning Dew The Other One Sing Me Back Home CD 4 of 4 Me and My Uncle Ramble On Rose Sugar Magnolia Casey Jones One More Saturday Night http://bit.ly/126FnDJ
  8. Try contacting the promoter. Maybe they can change the name that they are under? Feel free to use my name and I'd be happy to buy them from ya
  9. Confirmed. Just found a pic from that show: Damn, listening to this just proves that Blade is THE MAN! I could never tire listening and watching him do what he is able to do with the drums. Just take a listen/view at the few vids up from the mind-boggling performances from downstairs at the Great Hall last year (so happy i got in) http://music.cbc.ca/#/concerts/Dan-Lanois-at-The-Great-Hall-2012-03-23 (watch the vid for 'The Collection of Marie Claire')
  10. Listening to The Maker right now and it doesn't sound like Blade at all.
  11. I used to love watching Siskel & Ebert squabble, debate, and sometimes agree on films. Always had good insight. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: forever!
  12. http://bit.ly/XZNCwO Umphrey’s McGee - Raw Stewage Collection of 30 killer live jams from Umphrey’s McGee. Covers the last 10 years of performances. mp3@320 Track List 1. FDR 2003/04/23 Oklahoma City, OK (10:04) 2. The Haunt 2003/09/19 Niles, MI (14:46) 3. JaJunk 2004/10/29 Seattle, WA (25:16) 4. Blue Echo 2004/12/10 New York, NY (9:37) 5. Robot World 2005/07/06 Milwaukee, WI (12:48) 6. Making Flippy Floppy 2005/10/12 Knoxville, TN (23:47) 7. Der Bluten Kat 2005/10/19 Gainesville, FL (27:22) 8. Visions of Parin 2006/02/15 Providence, RI (18:51) 9. In the Kitchen 2006/04/07 Seattle, WA (16:06) 10. Utopian Fir 2006/06/09 Columbus, OH (2:55) 11. Syncopated Strangers 2006/11/16 Louisville, KY (17:40) 12. Intentions Clear 2007/03/23 Minneapolis, MN (20:18) 13. Plunger 2007/06/08 Truckee, CA (30:19) 14. The Fuzz 2007/10/16 Richmond, VA (10:57) 15. Higgins 2007/12/29 Chicago, IL (14:17) 16. Dump City 2008/02/07 Vancouver, BC (21:25) 17. Plunger 2008/10/09 Clifton Park, NY (11:02) 18. Water 2008/11/18 Knoxville, TN (21:13) 19. Blue Echo 2011/01/30 Baltimore, MD (8:42) 20. 2x2 2011/02/04 Columbus, OH (20:09) 21. Power of Soul 2011/09/21 Pittsburgh, PA (16:18) 22. The Haunt 2011/11/05 Milwaukee, WI (14:31) 23. Ringo 2011/11/05 Milwaukee, WI (17:20) 24. Plunger 2011/12/30 St. Louis, MO (11:25) 25. Robot World 2012/03/18 Sacramento, CA (10:49) 26. All In Time 2012/09/14 Morrison, CO (20:01) 27. Puppet String 2012/09/14 Morrison, CO (15:32) 28. Higgins 2013/01/19 Providence, RI (18:38) 29. In The Kitchen 2013/03/07 Aspen, CO (14:30) 30. Push The Pig 2013/03/17 Stateline, NV (12:49) http://bit.ly/XZNCwO
  13. They gotta get Geddy into the rotation. Sweet pitch
  14. http://bit.ly/14yjfVk The Greyboy Allstars - Inland Emperor Inland Emperor features original band members Karl Denson (horns and vocals),Robert Walter (keyboards), Elgin Park (aka Michael Andrews, guitars and vocals) and Chris Stillwell (bass), along with Aaron Redfield (drums), who has played with the group in recent years, and a guest appearance by John Bigham, of Soul Of John Black, on “Bitch Inside Me.†All contributed to the songwriting. They recorded and produced the album at Elgin Park’s studio in Glendale, CA, and Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Mickey Petralia (Beck, Peaches, Eels, Flight of the Conchords) mixed the tracks—efficient (on average, four-minute) tunes, rather than long-form platforms for soloing. mp3@320 Track List 01 Profundo Grosso 02 Bitch Inside Me 03 Multiplier 04 Old Crow 05 Bomb Pop 06 Better Get A Jump On It 07 Breaking Blood 08 Inland Emperor 09 Wandering 10 Diminishing Blackness 11 Trashtruck http://bit.ly/14yjfVk
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