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  1. That would be a tough one to make into a film, but I would definitely want to see it in the theatre. "gfffflskdf!!!"
  2. -that my Mom was right about everything.
  3. Wish we could make it but it's not in the cards. Have a great time everybody!!
  4. I got some floor seats too, thanks for the link! Don't tell Hal though, it's a surprise...
  5. Fista is aaaaallll bitch. Draw your own conclusions.
  6. I volunteer sporadically, when the cause strikes me and when I can honestly put my all into it. I seem to have alot of good intentions, but fall short in the follow through department. I recently auditioned to be a volunteer correspondent on a local tv station. That one is purely for my own selfish needs so I can say that I am on tv, and also because it will make me super popular.
  7. Happy Birthday Rachel!! *smooches*
  8. That was definitely a personal best for me, my sides still hurt from laughing! I had an awesome time and couldn't have asked for better weather or nicer people to share it all with!!!
  9. It's not that I dislike Southern Ontario, nor that we don't take advantage of all of the things you mentioned. That being said, the possibilities are endless. Having lived somewhere as astonishingly beautiful as Vancouver Island makes it hard to settle for less, and if we get an opportunity to re-locate and raise our son somewhere where smog and brown rivers aren't a daily reality, we may just jump all over that. We may just stay in the KW area also, just entertaining our options, that's all.
  10. I just applied for a job at Malaspina, wish me luck!! (Livingstoned: COME WITH US!! We'll make a fresh start, just the 4 of us).
  11. Awww, you're killing me Melba!! I always look for jobs out there and I am pretty sure we will return one day, maybe one day soon...
  12. Here's the thing: Hal hates his job, I just lost mine. We are ready for a change and our son is young enough that he won't freak out too badly if we change our scene drastically. Sooooo, "CONVINCE US TO MOVE"!! If you can convince us to relocate to your area, you get unlimited access to Hal's goofy wit and my dry, sarcastic low-blows on a regular basis. There's plenty more perks where that came from too! Let the contest begin!
  13. Happy B-day D! You've grown into a lovely young man.
  14. Fista

    puppy name help

    That is one cute little pup you guys have there, congrats! Here are my suggestions: Toots or Tootie Mr. Jibs Pugmalia Jezabel
  15. What would yours be? Mine would definitely involve raising orphaned baby animals of some sort, while making a comfortable living. Those cute little bastards!!
  16. Mine is the name of my alter ego. She's really kind of a douche, but a much bigger and hotter douche than I am in real life. And also, she likes fisting.
  17. I got tickets for Mother's Day from my Dudes, so so so very excited for this one!!!
  18. [color:blue]Good luck Johnny!
  19. Fista

    Free bird

    Apparently said hawk has been taking care of the squirrel population in the area and he's even taken out a groundhog. He does tend to leave the disemboweled corpses of his prey in the children's playground though.
  20. Fista

    Free bird

    As I was walking back to my car today after dropping my son off at daycare, I noticed a HUGE red-tailed hawk sitting on a branch a few feet away. It was probably the most amazing thing I've seen in awhile (I do have a pretty boring life). They never used to be as common when I was a kid and I see hawks and falcons all the time now (although never quite so close) which I take as a good sign. He could have just been waiting there to pick off one of the toddlers though...
  21. Sorry to intercept this love-connection, but I thought I should tell you all that the PM interception is not at all fabricated. That is exactly what Hal does every day after work, except he forgot to add the part about how he makes me dress up as Billy Gibbons and wash his back for him. Some nights I have to be Dusty Hill, those are only special times though.
  22. So it's true that the Schwampy Elmo Murphy band is coming to KW??
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