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  1. Try teksavvy, they are a really good DSL outfit and know how to treat their customers. http://www.teksavvy.com
  2. I personally have a very hard time reading anything lengthy on a computer screen. I much prefer to read actual books. I've started to read it, sort of interesting but it will take me a while and many breaks to finish it. Not sure why as I used to sit in front of a screen for hours at a time playing video games but just can't do it with long articles.
  3. I'm surprised that Heaven & Hell have been confirmed because Ronnie James Dio was just diagnosed with stomach cancer 3 weeks ago.
  4. Frank Zappa - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing or Frank Zappa - Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk
  5. Yes Velvet I've also noticed that the Lead Box doesn't seem to do anything anymore.
  6. That is funny. On another note did anyone check out the LAPD "iwatch" ad about half way down the page on the right. That's just plain scary, so much paranoia these days in the States from their own government. They are trying to get everyone to rat everyone else out under the guise of terrorist threat even if the other people aren't doing anything wrong.
  7. No Velevet I think you got it about right. In fact after reading that I now understand why the Zappa releases have been so sporadic, Gail just can't seem to stay on one topic long enough to finish it.
  8. It always amazes me how many passengers tempt fate by putting the feet up on the dash, so that if the airbag goes off the best case scenario will be both legs broken and worst is it could kill them.
  9. Burnt

    GNFNR Canadian Tour

    I'll agree about that. This is not GNR, this is an Axl solo project. My GNR contains Slash, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin and Axl. Personally I tried to listen to Chinese Democracy twice but couldn't even get all the way through either time.
  10. They can't track me or read my thoughts while I have my tin foil hat on.
  11. Just received this email from my internet provider. Hello, We need your help -- we need you to lend us your voice and state your opinion on a recent CRTC decision that could allow the incumbent phone companies (such as Bell and Telus) to discontinue offering services (Internet and phone) to wholesale providers which in effect would eliminate competition in Canada. With no competition to help fuel the market; Internet innovation could come to stand still and prices for broadband access could skyrocket out of control. The incumbents would also be free to do with the lines as they please. This would open up future privacy invading Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technologies and direct marketing/advertising based on *you* and *your families* internet activities and habits. They could also use this same technology to turn the Internet into a pay-per-website service the same way that TV is a pay-per-channel service. Can you imagine a world where you have to pay to use the Google website to search for information? Then, if you find what you are looking for you may be restricted to the content because your ISP doesn't have a "peering" agreement with said company. Please help us stop this major potential catastrophe. All concerned consumers please visit: http://www.competitivebroadband.com/consumer/'>http://www.competitivebroadband.com/consumer/ All concerned businesses please visit: http://www.competitivebroadband.com Read the information presented and decide for yourself. Once you've decided what you think is right, you can click the "Make a Difference" link, fill out the form with your details and send a pre-written message to Minister of Industry Tony Clement, Prime Minister Harper, the Opposition Leader, and your local MP or choose to write your own. Together we can make a difference. Thank you, TekSavvy Solutions, Inc.
  12. Yup' date=' and that's what they do. So, in order to get them to even consider lowering any of their charges, people have to stop buying tickets from them. This won't happen on a big enough scale because people keep going. That, and/or allowing for some competition in the industry. That'd spur on some competitive pricing for sure [/quote'] You can't expect people to stop buying tickets. If that was the case then not only ticketbastard would suffer but the bands themselves would also suffer, along with everyone else that makes money on concert sales. You might actually put some bands right out of the business by doing that. Not talking Stones, U2 or the like but smaller bands that are barely scraping by or I would think even some medium sized bands that make a decent living but would be hurt if they went through the trouble of arranging a tour going out and nobody showed up. The only way to solve this would be to level the playing field. In other words take away Ticketbastards monopoly and create competition like others have said. Take away their exclusive rights to sell tickets in most major venues in North America which is probably why no one else can compete as no one can get their foot in the door. Myself I rarely buy from ticketbastard, in fact the last thing I remember buying from them was Cheech and Chong and that was because by that point Massey Hall didn't have anything available.
  13. Last time I checked it cost you extra to print out your own tickets at home then to pick them up. Someone want to explain that one. You think they fees would be less by letting you print them yourself.
  14. I will never understand how stupid some people can be. If I was transporting 18 tanks of nitrous I would make sure I had my seatbelt on, didn't speed and followed all the rules of the road to make sure I didn't get pulled over.
  15. The Mono Boxset is NOT a limited edition like some people and websites are saying. Capitol has stated on record that they will be producing the Mono boxset until ALL the demand is filled. It probably won't be in production anymore in 6-12 months but they will get it out to everyone that wants it before then. Just for the record I recieved my Stereo version and just ordered the mono one.
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