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  1. I'm wondering how they're gonna handle that transition.
  2. I agree with you there. It's like manatees are writing the scripts......
  3. Sorry to hear about Marley. My thoughts go out to you and your family.
  4. Nice one Bobby!! Thanks Brad!
  5. I can't even imagine how crazy the Gwar scene is backstage or on that tour bus...
  6. Almost at 25,000 signatures. http://www.change.org/petitions/the-detroit-lions-replace-nickelback-as-the-halftime-show-for-the-thanksgiving-game
  7. Nice. I've got my fingers crossed for a webcast.
  8. I read in Rolling Stone that their agent can even get the mp3s autographed.
  9. If I buy a CD copy do you think there's any chance I could get it autographed by the band?
  10. I 'd start with the Doc Watson & Frank Zappa albums/shows, and then move on to the Dick's Picks & Live Phish collections.
  11. I remember reading in Rip Magazine 20 years ago or so that Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) called Guns N Roses "the Rolling Stones dressed up as Aerosmith". I guess being compared to 2 of the biggest bands in the world isn't too much of an insult, in retrospect.
  12. Some of the members formed a new band......I have the disc somewhere. It's ok too.
  13. livephish.com or get a Sirius trial membership and go to jam-on. I used the promo code "scene" & got a 14 day membership.
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