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  1. the italian mob does control the airgas stations in Philly, I fill up my 20 lber about 3 times a year. (look for me @ moe.down) They do not really tour around selling it though. this is left up to the shade balls we have all come to know and love
  2. "Best hostel ever" Jazz on the Park
  3. Vinnie Amico's 40th birthday party is before, Jay and Kyla you need an invite I can get you one. So anyway word was that al and Fishman and mike were going to be there but who knows now. I agree the owner might have blown it announcing it like this.
  4. Thanks guys, Loving cup, I love it, wow that would be something. Crosby didnt shake hands? I had no idea. To be honest though he is very polite, and I doubt he intentionally dissed Detroit but I don’t know. I have met him and in the brief time I spent with him he was very nice. (in a bar downtown, and he was only 20 at the time, drinking age is 21 in the states lol) not to mention everything he does for the city, more charity than the Steelers for sure
  5. Last year you guys pissed me off in this forum, during the playoffs so I didnt look here even once this year. But I just got back from the Parade downtown and I got my first glimpse of the Stanley Cup. I got chills, what a feeling. All I have to say is its good to be the Champions. Lets Go Pens!!!
  6. 284 sewickley oakmont rd Pittsburgh Pa 15237 (412) 592-3737
  7. Thats cool I have lots of space inside as well
  8. after party and free camping 284 sewickley oakmont rd Pittsburg, 15237
  9. Your the man sean, Happy Birthday
  10. If you are refering to the 6/18 phish show at star lake I am having an after party at my house and allowing people to camp out on my property 25 min from venue
  11. Went to see Coldplay on Sat. Im sure they do the same set every night but I was totaly impressed nun the less. They were fantastic. I will add i'm not even a fan. my friend kicked down the tix because he had somthing come up. I dont know if there playing Canada but if they are I would recomend going to see them. Tickets are half as much as Phish, plus they gave out a live CD after the show.
  12. Bennyd

    Chron's Disease

    My wife has this as well. It is hard on us both. Remicade didn’t work for her so she just started Humara (Sp?) we really hope it works. I know that the diet issue is different for everyone. And there are really no foods that are ok or bad for all. I know someone mentioned that nuts are bad however I know almonds tend to be ok for most. In fact almond flower is really good. You can make bread, cookies, whatever. It takes a little getting used to but I’m ok with it now. Good luck
  13. Im starting to get pumped for this. Me and a few friends will be there with an rv. I will be bringing a bunch of Coca leaves i grew as well mmmmmmm, Coca
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