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  1. hamilton


    My favourite news story of the past week was the one that reported that many of those charged in the Capitol insurrection didn't actually vote in the election.
  2. I *loathe* Rebel, and I'm going. Caught these guys twice already - can't wait for a third go-round!
  3. Nice. Thanks for the tip. Just scored a pair - only $20 each!
  4. How does waitlisting work? Verified people get a window, and if they don't use it or the show doesn't sell out in that window then the waitlisted people get a crack? PTBM came through for me (section 203!) so I'm just curious.
  5. Happy birthday dude! Have a splendid night!
  6. Check out Kamasi Washington on channel two if you're still awake at 11.20pm Coachella time (2.20am here, I guess?). Amazeballs.
  7. hamilton

    The Slackers

    You and I saw them together in Seoul, no?
  8. Sloan fucking kills it. New album is great. I'm catching them in Dundas next month!
  9. I would highly recommend going to see Nick Lowe, who is being backed by Los Straitjackets on this tour.
  10. I recommend GoGo Penguin. Especially if you enjoy, say, The Bad Plus or EST. Here's a lovely video for all you nice folks.
  11. TimmyB managed to get into the show. Of course.
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