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    My favourite news story of the past week was the one that reported that many of those charged in the Capitol insurrection didn't actually vote in the election.
  2. I *loathe* Rebel, and I'm going. Caught these guys twice already - can't wait for a third go-round!
  3. Nice. Thanks for the tip. Just scored a pair - only $20 each!
  4. How does waitlisting work? Verified people get a window, and if they don't use it or the show doesn't sell out in that window then the waitlisted people get a crack? PTBM came through for me (section 203!) so I'm just curious.
  5. Happy birthday dude! Have a splendid night!
  6. Check out Kamasi Washington on channel two if you're still awake at 11.20pm Coachella time (2.20am here, I guess?). Amazeballs.
  7. hamilton

    The Slackers

    You and I saw them together in Seoul, no?
  8. Sloan fucking kills it. New album is great. I'm catching them in Dundas next month!
  9. I would highly recommend going to see Nick Lowe, who is being backed by Los Straitjackets on this tour.
  10. I recommend GoGo Penguin. Especially if you enjoy, say, The Bad Plus or EST. Here's a lovely video for all you nice folks.
  11. TimmyB managed to get into the show. Of course.
  12. Just knowing that a band has named itself Twiddle is enough for me to not want to hear them.
  13. With a quotation from our very own, long-lost \/\/illy right there in the article! This was hands-down one of the best venues in the city for ages. Saw a lot of great shows here, including Phish in '93. So glad it's coming back!
  14. 7th row floors for Barrie!
  15. I'm going with a crew. Bringing quality earplugs, 'cause the sound guy at the 'Shoe clearly lost his hearing years ago and is intent on deafening everyone around him, too.
  16. Yeah, Keelor now stands on the faaaar right of the stage, with Milchem as far away from him to the left of the stage as possible. Bob Egan has left the band, though. I don't believe he has been replaced, but I'm not positive.
  17. Pay attention, stoners. The man asked for your top albums of 2017, and you've all gone and listed albums from 2016. Whatsamatter? Crystal balls broken?
  18. My understanding is that she had a heart attack.
  19. hamilton

    Netflix Picks

    Garfunkel & Oates was pretty fun. It's not Flight Of The Conchords, but it's not supposed to be, despite the similarities.
  20. Sorry for your loss, dude. Four-legged friends are just as great as two-legged ones (often more!).
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