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  1. Hoping to make it in for Toronto Phish! I'm looking to trade 10 Heady/Grateful Frisbees for any ticket inside. Anyone stuck with an extra and would rather have a stack of sweet discs?
  2. Bump - It's that time of the year again... Happy Solstice Everyone! I present you with another nonsensical and inappropriate musical journey through groovy beats. You know what to do... Enjoy and pass it on www.darksolsticemix.com www.darksolsticemix.com/darkSolstice2017.mp3
  3. Bump! This year's cut of my Dark Solstice Mix is up. Dark Solstice Mix 2016 ~ Ghetto Grooves Hope you enjoy.
  4. Hey Folks, It's that time of year again, in keeping with traditions and because I know some folks here are interested, I bring you another Dark Solstice mix. Dark Solstice Mix 2015 ~ The Funk Awakens www.darksolsticemix.com The usual blend of nonsensical ecclectic and groovy tunes. Listener Discretion Required... Happy Solstice Everyone!
  5. Glad you and enjoy, pass it along. Doing all good brother, it has been a very long time. Hope all is well!
  6. Hey Folks, It's that time of the year again! Dark Solstice Mix hip hop funk brass soul satire and I don't know even know... http://www.darksolsticemix.com Hope you enjoy.
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