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    Mr Smalls Funhouse is an old church that has been converted into a medium sized music venue with great sound. It's about 15min from downtown pittsburg http://www.mrsmalls.com/NewPHP/home.php?section=events Also make sure you order the pittsburg style grilled sandwich with fries and coleslaw inside of it. It sounds a bit strange but is delicious. That or a Rothlis Burger. Have fun
  2. What a sweet show on Sunday night. My 4th time seeing the Flecktones and they sounded absolutlely amazing in the Chan Center. The dynamics were very impressive and they had access to so many more sounds when they can play (and be heard) so quietly. It was cool to see Futureman playing a little more 'real' drums and the mix between the Drumitar and the live cymbols was sweet. Victor's solo(s) was sick as usual. He used a loop station and played, recorded and jammed with 3 separate loops. The last one he just let play for while with a satisfied grin on his face. He looked like he was thinking, 'I can't beleive I just came up with that" Jeff Cofin had a wicked solo on the Tenor in the first set and his flute chops sound amazing. He did a bit of his standard 'two saxes at once' towards the end of the last set which people always like to see. Bela was amazing with lighting fast solos, sweet synth pads from his MIDI electric banjo and great facial expressions (especailly during his banjo vs. bass battle with Victor). He played a 15 minute solo at the end the second set in a zillion different styles from Classical to Bluegrass to Celtic to even playing with his nose. They seemed like they really enjoyed playing at the Chan Center and the crowd was really good. We were actually sitting next to the Bassist from Natalie McMaster's band. I really hope they come back to Vancouver again soon and don't take a 6 years like last time.
  3. Slippy

    Redeye Shows

    you coming out to Bonfire this year, c-towns?
  4. Slippy

    Redeye Shows

    The Jim Beam party has been moved to Friday the 27th instead of Thursday. It's still at the Longhorn Saloon and still at 7:00pm.
  5. Slippy

    Redeye Shows

    Redeye has 3 shows coming up this week. If you're not going to HH come check us out. July 26th - Crankworx Jim Beam Party - 7:00pm - The Longhorn Saloon - Whistler Village July 28th - The Fairview Pub - w/ The Skatomatics opening July 29th - Crankworx Festival Main Stage - Noon - Whistler Village Then its back to Van to see Bela Fleck at the Chan. I'm very excited for the Flecktones long-awaited return to the 'Couv'.
  6. 3 more days till liftoff. We've got a brand new one to debut on Friday and yes, buckets of lube.
  7. Here's a pic from my Cell Phone
  8. Who: The Police Where: GM Place When: Last night, Sunday May 27th Why: To see the first complete Police show in 25 years They was no opening band last night and the Police started around 7:45 and then played for two hours including the double encore. They played almost all the hits and some were reworked (ie slowed down and spaced out). I liked the new twist to some of these songs but a few times I really missed the energy of the original version. I overheard someone shout 'Play It Faster" at one point so I guess I wasn't alone. They were really tight and Sting's voice was great. In middle of the set Stewart Copeland got up from behind the drums and ran around the entire stage saying, "I'm stuck behind the drums all night and never get to do this and it's such a big stage" And big stage it was with risers, stairs to the side speakers (Sting hopped up once and did some strange butt shaking dance moves) a huge lighting rig and 3 big screens (one for each member of the band). All in all a very enjoyable show and I can't wait to go again tonight. Hopefully they play 'synkronicity I' tonight but I'm thinking it might be the same set again.
  9. Just an update. The Redeye Show is still on for this Friday but has been moved to the GLC. Kostaman does leave Whistler once in a while to tour around BC and play Vancouver etc. (he even goes to Alberta ) http://www.myspace.com/kostaman123
  10. Here's a few shows coming up over the next few weeks that are gonna be chawesome. -Redeye is playing on Urban Rush tomorrow May 1st. I guess the bands are usually at the end of the show and it will be broadcast on Shaw Channel 4 at 5pm, 7pm, 11pm & 1am, 7am and 12pm the following day. -Themasses are playing this Saturday night (May 5th) at the Penthouse (Seymour @ Nelson) at 10:00pm as part of the New Music West festival. We are playing right before a band on tour all the way from Denmark. Should be fun. -Lastly, Redeye is making the trip up to Whistler on May 11th. We are playing at Maxx Fish with Kostaman on Friday night and then doing some spring skiing on Blackcomb on Saturday the 12th.
  11. Go Canucks. I'll watch as much as possibile tonight and then on to the Greyboy Allstars and Toots and the Maytals at the Commodore. Should be a sweet night.
  12. This is going on in Cumberland tonight. Roughly halfway between Parksville and the Riv http://www.cumberlandvillageworks.com/upcoming/
  13. Slippy

    The Office

    I think Michael hit a new low (or high) of inapropriateness last night. It was hilarious but also hard to watch at times. Dragging the wheel chair down the aisle and then crowding into the groomsman was awesome. At least he found uncle Al at the end. "A lot of what you said was over my head" said to the old man with dimentia.
  14. My dad, who ran as a Green Party Candidate in the last federal election, went to Tennessee in December to take part in weekend course to learn how to give Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth Slide Show. Al Gore even gave a 3 hr lecture during the weekend. So far he (my dad) has presented the presentation to over a dozen different groups and plans for many more.
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