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  1. Truly one of my favorite parties, dead cat and all!
  2. I can't stop thinking about Dick's
  3. Also: This is the correct response. Special delivery for Hoops McCann.
  4. Bigger and better than ever, April is a magical month full of...burgers. www.peiburgerlove.ca
  5. Pleased to say I am doing three nights of Dick's! Yes, the jokes are endless.
  6. Oh hey, sorry I'm late! I love being on PEI in the summer, but sadly I am a terrible tourist guide because I work most of the time. However, if you are in the Cavendish area, we should meet up for a beer at least. Maybe you can slip away to watch a Jays game at the cottage with me some evening? I'll drop you a line with some contact info.
  7. I am feeling a little bit bad about my earlier post. Upon relistening, there were definitely a few good grooves in the new music. Like I said, I still love them more than anything else and hope to see them soon. ::goes back to listening to 1993::
  8. Phish is my favorite band. I love Phish with every ounce of my being, and nothing will ever be able to approach the feeling of being at those shows I was at from the Great Went to Big Cypress. I still would probably rather be at a Phish show than just about any other show. But I can't dig too much on the new tunes. Ocelot and Alaska are the only 3.0 songs that I genuinely enjoy. My main problems are: a) Trey's guitar tone; what's with the treble, rebel? Gone are the liquid days of the hose. And would it kill you to throw a spacey loop out every once in a while for old times sakes? Vocals are cringe, brah. Lyrics and execution. This is why people new to Phish think I/we am/are barking mad for liking this band. For serious. I remember playing Rift to a music teacher friend of mine back in 96 or so and him saying then "I just can't get past the Kermit the Frog vocals". That was a studio album! And a pretty cool one from when they were singing pretty good! Things have deteriorated from there. Phish is my favorite band! And I hope they keep playing for a long time. But yes, I was horrified last night. I feel sad saying that. I hope they are having fun though. I am going to listen to last night again and give it a fair shake. No matter what I'll keep doing couch tour and hopefully seeing a show every year or so if they tour.
  9. Best Phantasy Tour comment regarding Vigoda/Wombat: "It's like Weekend at Bernie's meets Spinal Tap"
  10. That's not an app, that's an email from phish.net. And it didn't need to remind me about the Great Went, I think about it ALL. THE. TIME.
  11. Finally a bit of a run. Feels great. Lindy is on fire. I bought the MLB.tv package for $50 and so I have the game on my iPad every night. Good times.
  12. peipunk

    PEI Burger Love

    Hunter's Alehouse just tried to play the "extreme" angle:
  13. peipunk

    PEI Burger Love

    My favourite so far was the Mondo Burger from the Merchantman:
  14. peipunk

    PEI Burger Love

    PEI Burger Love This has been a fantastic promotion/event on PEI for the month of April. Some of the restaurants have sold over 3000 burgers so far (PEI is a small place, I think that's a lot). I have not been able to get out a lot so I have only had 5 so far, but they were all really good.
  15. I had the pleasure of getting to know Jay Smith and his music a couple years ago. The drummer I play with was filling in with his band in Charlottetown, and I was so blown away, I went with them to see them play the next night in Moncton. We had some good times and good laughs. His album is amazingly, incredibly good. I recommend everyone go here and listen to a couple tracks: http://jaysmith.bandcamp.com/ My favourite tracks are Perfect View, Hurts Like Hell and Partner in Crime, but the whole album is great from start to finish. So sad.
  16. you said it perfectly bubba
  17. They don't have a picture from Row 7. They have a picture from Row 15. I am sitting in Row 7.
  18. That image looks better bigger here.
  19. GFY The view from Section 123 Row 15:
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