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  1. God bless The Onion. Baseball is such ebb and flow. Here is an example of one of the things that has made my baseball appreciation ramp up the past couple years: beginning tonight, I will be able to watch my favourite team the Blue Jays play every day for 16 straight days.
  2. What a tramp. God bless her little heart...
  3. People who like elbows to the head and sports probably like shit like this too.
  4. Hashtag of the Day: #AccordingtoShanny
  5. That game was fucking awesome.
  6. Congrats Schwa, you'll make a fine wife.
  7. That fight last night was AMAZING.
  8. I would like to publicly thank my friend Pat Perry for alerting me to this, he told me and then I told Booche. You're welcome everyone.
  9. peipunk

    NFL 2011

    Holy shit. I missed a helluva few hours of news. Normally I am all over it Sloth (I have turned into a Twitter semi-junkie for news) but I have been busy as fucking hell today at work and away from my desk since 10AM this morning.
  10. The Jays are going to win 128 games this year.
  11. I LOVE THIS TEA....wait a sec, what thread is this?
  12. peipunk

    NFL 2011

    Dammit, RGIII is not the Redskins way, I am gunning for Snyder trading the farm and all the teams $$$ for Manning, who plays 7 games, is a shadow of his former self, and then is forced to retire. And curse you Sloth for bringing up my avatar, when I first put that one up 13 months ago, I said I was going to use it for a month or so, no one had called me on it yet.
  13. peipunk

    NFL 2011

    Sounds like this is going to be a big, big, deal.
  14. The pleasure I took from this may have been slightly enhanced by the usual general enjoyment of the Leafs misfortune (turned sour as the game progressed).
  15. Grapefruit League opener in progress. Go Jays Go!
  16. peipunk

    Go NHL Go 11/12

    Did you at least grope your crotch a couple times?
  17. Hear hear. Affected emotionally, to the point where people feel like they actually know the stars they idolize. Like that time c-towns camped out on John Lennon's lawn.
  18. Thats what I meant, please get rid of that image c-towns!
  19. I am just going to leave this here, lets not let this thread stray any at all, mmmmkay?
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