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  1. Amstel wants to know too.
  2. That is one of the beauties of the Egg. It is a grill, smoker and a brick oven. By throttling the air at the top and bottom, you can precisely control the temperature. You can also get plate setters and baking stones for indirect cooking and baking. You can sear steaks at 700 degrees. It is very versatile and is the best selling kamodo style cooker in the world. Do I sound like a salesman? I am looking forward to the marketing guys from Ontario flying down to do a big cookout/demo day here at my store on July 9.
  3. Well! It just turns out that I now have The World's Best Smoker and Grill in stock at my store! Big Green Egg It may be a bit unsightly on the outside, but its all business on the inside. I can't wait to try out the demo unit this weekend.
  4. The pain of Atlantic Time Zone bites deep my friend. I have given up even trying, my work day depends on me being asleep by 11.
  5. Bad example. The current Conservative Party is not our father's Progressive Conservatives.
  6. Hey! Just because I can recite the Elvish decent of Elrond, from his Half-elven father Earendil right back to Finwe, High King of the Noldor, doesn't mean I'm a nerd! Er...nvm.
  7. There you go, Jo-Jo broke that dubious "streak" in style last night. Loving the Jays bats lately, and the contributions are coming from all over the lineup.
  8. Try this. Edit: Whoops, wrong decade, sorry!
  9. This is what we have resorted to...talking to ourselves. I know! Its fucking sad.
  10. This is what we have resorted to...talking to ourselves.
  11. Loving this streak. Maybe after starting amazingly hot the past couple years and then shitting the bed, our luck might change a bit. Our pitching has still been a bit shaky, but the offense is on fire, hopefully Lind comes back and picks up where he left off. Has MLB really cracked down on any streaming? I have resorted to watching ESPN Gamecast updates on my phone while I read in bed.
  12. I guess its not like there are any sports happening or anything. Nice to see the Food Forum overtake us in activity.
  13. Ah, I had to look it up, it actually was a non-contentious settlement, but Cat Stevens gets 75% of the royalties for the song. They would probably have to go through some paperwork shit if they played it, it wouldn't be much money for live performance, but they probably just don't want to bother with the hassle. I dunno, have they ever done it live?
  14. It might be because they were sued by Cat Stevens (and lost) over the melody.
  15. peipunk


    Roger. $3.50/lb off the boat. Can't get much more fresh than that. How many you want, Dinger?
  16. Pardon my ignorance/laziness, anyone got a link for me to streaming Blue Jays games? I don't see any baseball at atdhenet.
  17. My riding was number two in the country in turnout and elected Liberal, so don't blame me if things go to hell in a handbasket.
  18. The thread title made me think you were talking about:
  19. Dammit! I was thinking of running for office until I read that.
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