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  1. Anyone know where you can listen to commentary of this game via the inter-web?
  2. I was there and even on a cold, wet night everyone was in full voice. Definitely come out to a game if you get the chance, you'll be hooked...
  3. My feelings exactly, went to the Harbour Sports Grille in TO and ran into Sam Mitchell watchin the fight. he was one of the only guys in the place cheering for Mayweather. He musta been trying to drink away his sorrows from the night before... (as an a side, he is one BIG dude)
  4. Glory, Glory Man U-NI-TED!!! Glory, Glory Man U-NI-TED!!! Glory, Glory Man U-NI-TED!!! As the Reds go marching, ON, ON, ON!!! Just like the Busby Babes in Days gone by We'll keep the Red Flags flying high You've got to see yourself from far and wide You've got to hear the masses sing with pride Glory, Glory Man U-NI-TED!!! Glory, Glory Man U-NI-TED!!! Glory, Glory Man U-NI-TED!!! As the Reds go marching, ON, ON, ON!!!
  5. The atmosphere was electric, heard comments from players on both teams saying it had a European feel with the noise and chanting...hell when KC scored the guy ran over to the TFC supporters section celebrating and promptly had beer thorwn at him (they didn't show that on TV) it's gonna be a fun summer that's for sure (you should hear the place rumble when everyone starts stomping their feet in the supporters section - south end, and the upper West side, the floor is metal and sounds like thunder!!)
  6. Got my season tix (3 Rows up fron the corner flag (SW corner) they have a warm-up event there tonight for season tix holders get watch the TFC play KC on the big screen and get sample the food and beers...
  7. They should have Stu Dog in nets instead of Sutton!! If you are scared Doggy I'll get them to sign me as a central defender to protect your ass!!!
  8. Frost also tried to open a bar/nightclub in Kingston about a year back...once the locals found out he was involved (and he was involved, he was seen on numerous ocassions in the place) the public reaction basically ran himm and the bar out of town...
  9. I hope so they lookedd piss poor on Sat v Pompey, but then again Kieran feckin Richardson got the start (and gave away the ball that led to Portsmouth's 1st goal) it's setting up to be a unique finish between Chelski and Manu to the season...from Football365 "But there is the possibility of a unique series of matches between 9 May and 23 May: one at Stamford Bridge that could settle the Premiership; one at Wembley to settle the world's oldest cup competition; and one in Athens for the right to sit at the pinnacle of the European (and arguably world) game." I'll be the 1st to admit though there is still a lot of work to be done to get to that point...
  10. I will say that Roma's "D" licked donkey balls...
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFPAV5R0pSY
  12. You should have seen the game/goals, literally tore the Romans to shreds....
  13. That was probably the best CL performance I've ever seen, loved that it came from the mighty Mancs!
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