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  1. so the opinion is she can sing a bad or not great song and make it sound good regardless? is that a good summary?
  2. i don't know if i'd give her the best song in the world and then have it not matter once she started singing it... but perhaps i misunderstood.
  3. Free trees! Ottawa click here Toronto click here
  4. it's possible, they probably weren't getting high from the spring though.
  5. i had no idea red rocks was so close to denver. 20 miles from downtown. interesting. View Larger Map
  6. skip meech lake - lac phillipe is much better!! spa nordik is what you're looking for
  7. June 1 the new passport rules come in - anyone crossing into the states via a land crossing needs a valid passport. So if you were planning to drive and don't have a passport, get your application in.
  8. little known fact - if you have a library card, you can sign out passes to many of ottawa's museums.
  9. the MMJ show aired on December 19 on Rave HD in the states. I can't find it anywhere online, including the MMJ forums. has anyone had any luck?
  10. :confused: how can i answer a question based on the context of a 16 year old or a 90 year old? why/what would it matter to me what a 16 or 90 year old thinks about the same question? i can take the good or bad points someone else raises into consideration, and i can agree and disagree with people too (like I agree that Jeff Buckley is an excellent singer) but i answer questions based on what I think. i don't know what your point(s) is (are). perhaps the 2 or 3 different definitions for 'pop music' are clouding this whole thing and like you said making this impossible. but one can still give an opinion... thorgnor, who would you nominate for best male pop vocalist that isn't chris lambert?
  11. i probably wouldn't put madonna or celine up for debate for the best male pop singer. i don't care what the 16 year old has to say about the question... plenty of other suggestions in this thread too. the Gibb brothers, MJ, Billy Joel, Bowie, George Michael, Elton John... and unrelated to thorgnor's post, but if a singer sings a pop song, are they not a pop singer for that performance?
  12. i think "some" person is talking about me.
  13. Interesting music-geek talk about Buckley's voice
  14. would david bowie be considered a pop singer? he's good, in a peculiar way.
  15. i don't think buckley's style would have been anything close to what it is/was without mercury's influence, particularly in singing falsetto.
  16. you tricky bugger, quoting Costello on me... a good argument for buckley. well done. i'm not gonna change my opinion, but you did a better job than others of showing why you have your opinion.
  17. dude has done a bunch of murals on various giant tiger stores http://www.gianttiger.com/en/community/murals/
  18. jesus. that is a heavy lineup. holy fack
  19. .. on May 4 because GRADY (Gordie Johnson) and THE SPADES are playing there May 6. I'm pretty sure that Gordie's volume in a venue like Mavericks will cause some kind of structural failure. Also, White Cowbell Oklahoma are playing there in early April.
  20. ha, i 'know of the guy' and have been listening to him since 96 - doesn't mean i agree with your opinion. he's a great singer, excellent in fact, poppy sure. i just think Freddie is a better pop singer. and rock singer. i'm not missing the point at all - it's a music discussion forum... i'm discussing. as are you. nothing wrong with a little debate. i have reasons to back up my opinions and was wondering if others did as well. what's the issue here?
  21. AD

    I'm moving to Ottawa!

    sean uses that line with all the boys
  22. here's my rebuttal to whatever you post (in chronological order, limited to just the poppier songs): Seven Seas of Rhye Killer Queen In The Lap of the Gods Lily of the Valley Bring Back that Leroy Brown Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon You're My Best Friend Seaside Rendezvous Love of My Life I'll stop at 1975 (after 4 albums) to make this a bit more fair.
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