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  1. Have you heard his music? He's no good at editing out the crap.
  2. Dan Mangan doesn't hold back in response to the articles linked above.
  3. Very well done CBC panel discussing the current situation. 17 minutes, video. http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/ID/2375165539/
  4. That 25-cent service charge is outrageous!!
  5. Here's some very telling infographics explaining why North Korea can't be (completely) ignored.
  6. There is a TON of new lineup news in that link BradM posted above, FYI. Not just the Herbaliser.
  7. Say you're a fan of live music and have been bitching for years about expensive tickets, then the "biggest band in the world" makes it really easy to buy cheap-ish tickets.
  8. There was an interesting discussion on the new pot rules on Washington and Colorado on Q last week, Wed or Thurs I think. Doesn't touch on the Liberals views at all but there's talk about alcohol, gateways, etc. I though the interview subject was very good. Worth a listen.
  9. Tickets going extremely fast for Ottawa May 12
  10. Those are quite the long odds. Given that, I'm reasonably sure he's lying. I'll ask him and the others in his pool to see the sheet. That'll likely explain things...
  11. I don't follow this tournament at all, but thought it worth reporting that a co-worker of mine has a (verified) perfect bracket going (verified meaning it was filled out and posted before the tournament began). I think that's quite remarkable.
  12. For easier understanding, Here's the blog post that accompanies the spreadsheet. Definitely something needs to be fixed if what the post details is accurate.
  13. June 6-9 2013, Westboro, Ottawa Thursday: Zoe Whittall, Captain Dirt & the Skirt, Juliana Pullford, Jill Zmud, Jane Siberry Friday: Rob Mclennan, Andrew Vincent, PLEX, Holly McNarland, The Cliks, Elliot Brood Saturday: Greg Frankson, Cindy Baker, The Johnnys, Thomas Starwalker Clair, Lynne Hanson, Jim Bryson, Skydiggers Sunday: Tam-Tam with Dr. Lee, Cara Tierney, Silvercreek, Amos the Transparent, Amanda Rheaume, Fiftymen
  14. They are planning live music 3 nights per week. The setup for shows is pretty great now, raised stage at the back, perpendicular to the bar running down the side of the room. The area that used to house the pool table is now the kitchen. The place looks super good. I had dinner there tonight and the food is good too (as expected). Limited menu for now, full menu should roll out within a month.
  15. 8 teams from each conference go to the playoffs - the top 3 from each division plus next 2 highest point totals in the conference. But yeah, 8/14 Western Conference teams will make the playoffs while 8/16 Eastern Conference teams will go. It's unfair (by definition, not whining).
  16. So......... don't the Western teams have a better chance of making the playoffs? Or am I not understanding this properly?
  17. My mistake. They now have Joshua Earth playing on the 9th at Bluesfest. Sorry 'bout that. I think you were right the first time - I've read that the Bluesfest site is closed on July 9, so this might be a show somewhere else. Perhaps inside the theatre at the War Museum or another venue. Anyways....
  18. Sam Roberts Band Of Monsters and Men Kathleen Edwards Sloan Corb Lund (and the Hurtin’ Albertans) Half Moon Run Jarvis Church Elisapie Aidan Knight Kae Sun Shakura S’Aida + more TBA May 25 at Echo Beach, Toronto. Details here. Not bad. Not great, but the ticket price is pretty low for the heavier hitters at the top of the bill.
  19. AD

    RIP Stompin' Tom

    Passed away this evening at age 77. A true great.
  20. From @SensNation: Mark Stone, having played 0 NHL regular season games, has more NHL playoff experience than the Leafs organization in the past 8 years.
  21. Didn't you also get advice to restore the phone? Did that work?
  22. Do you have the device's Bluetooth or AirPlay connected to anything?
  23. AD

    Bluesfest 2013

    Good luck seeing Björk at the Rainbow.
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