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  1. This may be old news, but the Barr Bros are playing in Gatineau this Friday night. http://www.maisondelaculture.ca/Salle-Odyssee/spectacles/chanson/the-barr-brothers.html $35 Too bad it's the same night as Zeus.
  2. Too bad they couldn't retire the phrase "VibeTribe" instead of the festival.
  3. Man he was good. Interviewed him briefly at Bonnaroo the year he played with Elvis Costello and it was a real treat.
  4. You are talking about the Horticulture Building, not the Aberdeen Pavilion (just so nobody is confused)
  5. At least there's 45 minutes between Lucinda Williams and Built To Spill. Hopefully enough time to get in. Who knows though.
  6. Oh and Walk Off The Earth should do just that. Avett Bros were fairly good.
  7. That RavenLaw Stage is a huge mis-step for this new site. Terrible sound and ventilation and very small capacity. There were hundreds of people outside waiting to get in last night. If you want to see anything in that building you have to miss what's on the big stage to go stand in a lineup (without beer). They should switch the functions of the Aberdeen and Horticulture buildings.
  8. AD

    Tuesday @ Bluesfest

    I was there for 100 minutes total. 5 minutes before Weird Al, his set, and 5 minutes after. Would've gone at least one other day had ticket prices been remotely reasonable.
  9. AD

    Sweet Merch

    True indeed! Good points.
  10. AD

    Sweet Merch

    There's no way ACDC, a large highly-visible corporation, potentially infringes on MLB, NFL, NHL and CFL copyright without an arrangement one way or another.
  11. AD

    Sweet Merch

    The jerseys ($150) cost more than the insane ticket price ($130) (that I willingly paid). Also, appears Moncton didn't get a jersey but they don't have a pro sports team that I know of....(I think the jerseys are tied to the venue not the city... Wonder why CFL / RedBlacks didn't get in on this. Other CFL stadiums did)
  12. AD

    Sweet Merch

    AC DC is doing customized sports jersey merch for the Canadian tour, except Ottawa of course. Some sweet jerseys in here. http://www2.tsn.ca/bardown/Story.aspx?AC%252fDC%2bhave%2bmade%2bjerseys%2bfor%2bevery%2bcity%2bon%2btheir%2btour&id=557231
  13. Yeah that's a headscratcher http://exclaim.ca/music/article/iron_wine_criticize_greenbelt_harvest_picnic_after_being_bumped_from_lineup
  14. Roger Waters is playing at Newport right now with My Morning Jacket as his band. Jealous.
  15. AD

    Wayhome Festival??

    You may be surprised that Sloan is still putting out great records. (I'm not surprised)
  16. Braids vs Caribou for me. Gotta do some listening. But those are the only two that are at all interesting to my ears.
  17. Wonder if The Killjoys will be playing around Ontario to warm-up / cool off before / after this show. They were the cheaply-priced Lemonheads that would play locally when I was growing up. So many good songs.
  18. The excellent Corb Lund was added to the lineup. Great addition!
  19. Don't know the capacity for concerts in the arena, but you can see the seating chart from the link here: http://www.tdplace.ca/events/detail/alabama-shakes
  20. Both are TD Place; indoor they say the arena at TD Place and outside they'll probably say TD Place Stadium or something like that.
  21. Sean, it's an indoor venue with half the rink closed, lest you think it was outside in the stadium. That said, they did play on the big stage at Bonnaroo last weekend....
  22. Nice, thanks for that.
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