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  1. Watch Battle Royale, a Japanese film that's completely over the top. Kinda like Series Seven but waaaay better (and bloodier). You can rent it at Invisible Cinema in O-Town. I'd highly recommend it to those that want something, well, a little different. AD
  2. AD


    Hey there, I sent a reply back... Perhaps Sympatico is fucking with me again.... So here's the gist of it anyways: thanks for the offer, I'm sending the CDs tomorrow, here's my address: Alan Dodson 336 Sunnyside Ave Ottawa ON K1S 0S1 Cheers, thanks again, can't wait to hear it! ad
  3. if the b&p is still open i'd like to get in on it. let me know, please. thanks ad
  4. AD

    Terry Bozzio

    Terry Bozzio (ex of Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck etc...) is giving a drum clinic at the Mayfair Movie Theatre in Ottawa on November 7. Kinda interesting that the Mayfair is getting into that sort of thing. To think, Bozzio will be within spitting distance of my home. Cool! ad
  5. So I'm new to this question thing, and please excuse the fact that I posted this a day early, but it's been a long weekend and I'm going to bed... Now for the question: When was the moment that you knew Phish / Dead / others were the band for you? What were you doing? How did you know? I'll get the ball rolling on this one... I had heard plenty of Phish shows through tape-trading. My phirst B+P was for 8-20-93 Red Rocks and 3-13-92 Rhode Island. Both kick-ass shows that I still count as some of my favourites. But, as soon as I got the FMs of the Went, day two, set two, the DwD-->Gin I just knew that they were it . This is still my favourite half-hour plus of music. The Gin Jam is just incredible, with the whole band showing so much patience and timing until all the pieces were in place so they could blow the roof off that stage in the middle of nowhere. So let's hear your stories now... ad
  6. May I ask the question of the day on Monday? I think I've got a good one (although I'm not promising anything; I'm new to this 'Question' thing...) ad
  7. What about the Society of People that Pay Money to See Shows All The Time But Do Not Tape Them? The SOPTPMTSSATTBDNTT wants laminates too!!! ad
  8. Here's a Shakespeare reference: "Thou that spelleth my name wrongeth must be a Beatles fan-eth." Coudn't agree more about the Beatles though. So good. Highly underrated. People can't really see how good they really were because of all the hype surrounding them. The best ever, I'd say. (Though Zeppelin could kick their asses in the alley...) ad
  9. most of the time in these circumstances it comes down to marketers and managers wanting brand recognition. the other ones / GD could call themselves the smelly shitsticks and i'd still listen. ad
  10. hey KevO, I went to LemonWheel with Andrew Downey. Say hello to him for me. cheers ad
  11. 'nero does vancouver' would be the worst porno ever. ad
  12. AD

    nero blurb

    don't know if it's been posted yet, but here's a link to a little blurb about nero. nero blurb, yo. ad
  13. it was that far ahead? june? i'll be damned. i guess i really was a drunk that summer... oh well. all is well. ad
  14. maybe it was the 15th then... i know it was the same week as the london show, just a few days before. could been a typo on my part. i'll check the stubs again when i get home. it was a wicked show though... ad
  15. i'd consider 'shows' to be something i buy a ticket for, not just paying cover. funny, i just found (last night) a pile of old ticket stubs, so i'll share them with you all. i'm sure there's more somewhere but this'll be enough for now. these are all the stubs i found, not just music, and they're not in order cuz it's late and i'm lazy. big sugar - porter hall sept 26 1999 phish - molson amp july 20 99 phish - lemonwheel aug 15-18 98 tennis masters series 2001 - aug 1 2001 montreal hip - corel centre dec 6 2000 acdc - corel centre aug 12 2000 fresh festival (roots, parliament) - ottawa july 14 2000 phish - molson amp july 6 2000 67's vs. generals - civic centre march 31 2000 kiss - corel centre sept 21 2000 csny - ACC march 30 2000 black crowes / oasis / spacehog - molson amp may 22 2001 hayden - zaphod's sept 15 2001 rheos - barrymore's nov 26 1998 rheos - zaphod's 2 dec 1999 dmb - corel centre apr 20 2002 67's vs. majors - civic centre apr 9 2002 prince - NAC june 16 02 hip / sarah harmer - bluesfest july 11 02 trey - burlington june 15 2002 new deal - barrymore's oct 4 02 renegades vs. eskimos - frank clair stadium oct 6 2002 black crowes / moke - warehouse march 1 99 phish - knick nov 25 1998 moist / i mother earth - warehouse jan 31 97 jazz mandolin - opera house feb 18 2000 oysterhead - massey hall nov 7 2001 mmw - NAC oct 2 2001 dmb - corel centre nov 14 1998 olp / ime / moist / 5440 / tea party - western fair jun 26 97 hayden - embassy may 9 1998 sloan / superfriendz - progress bldg mar 27 1997 new deal - babylon jan 18 02 that dog - embassy july 22 97 rheos - princess cinema feb 23 02 phish - big cypress (i forget the date... help a brother out) la corrida - plaza de toros de sevilla (bullfight in seville) may 12 02 radiohead / teenage fanclub - alumni hall london aug 18 1997 radiohead - aug 16 1997 opera house (free stealth show - best show ever) there's lost stubs out there for wilco, stereolab, tortoise, ominous seapods, shane mcgowan, elvis costello, paul simon, simon and garfunkel at skydome, blue rodeo, etc... ad
  16. driving down the 401 listening to 'push on til the day' when the cd starts to skip. turn on the radio and surprise surprise: push on til the day on NPR. one of the stranger incidents that's happened to me. ad
  17. Prefuse 73 is wicked. If I go, I'll be there to see him. The guy's name is Scott Herren, from Atlanta, and his other projects (can't remember names right now) are equally good. Small samples turn into wicked vocal tracks. Bonobo is decent - saw him last time he was in Ottawa with DJ Food as wasn't super-impressed. Good beats though. I don't know who said it, but Amon Tobin definitely doesn't play 'super-fast BPM' stuff. It's jazzy, funky, sometimes just plain strange, but it's definitely not house, jungle or any of that. (According to my musical knowledge...) Don't know if I can make it, after having said all that. Last time Tobin was here he packed the Merc just with his guest list and left many fans (such as myself) outside and pretty pissed. Let's hope there's room in Babylon for regualr folk. ad
  18. As a professional mapper (really), I can say with 100% sure-ness that Ottawa is in Ontario. ad
  19. Anti-Canadian? Even if they were, so what? Unless they start pissing on the flag on-stage or doing a house version of O Canada they're musicians to me... I think $15 is a good price for tND in Ottawa in 2 weeks. What's wrong with them getting paid for their work? I remember seeing Jamie in One Step Beyond for free, and they were a 7-piece with shitloads of gear to pay for... Darren and Gypsy Soul were also a 7-piece with little draw but wicked grooves. You'd like to get paid for something you're good at right? I love how Jamie uses a spell-check before sending out tND's newsletters too... ad
  20. if you want rheos shows, i'd talk to either blane or sean crowell (does he hang out here?). northern wish has a couple good ones as well, if i remember correctly... cheers ad
  21. Let's see here... Manu Chao - Radio Bemba Sound System Scofield - Uberjam Helium - The Magic City Manu Chao - Clandestino Elton John - 11-17-70 that's it for now... ad
  22. Well, I'm in Ottawa actually. Saw D&T last night and was super-impressed. I think the drummer tries to show off too much though. It's hard to get funky with really fucked-up beats. Although it's still great to listen to... I'll be down in TO for some of those Rheos gigs for sure. AD
  23. Hey Jamoie, I checked it out and the dates you posted are actually for Mia Sheard. The only Rheos dates posted are for the Horseshoe gigs. Oh well, I'm sure they'll play a few warm-ups in Ottawa, Kingston, London, that type of thing. AD
  24. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you for the info. I'd stopped checking they're page cuz they're not touring much anymore. Good news. A good start to me day. ad
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