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  1. yup it's free. the sun is fucking with my head. and computer. and oc transpo. and the elderly. enough, alan, enough! ad
  2. I'm not gonna pay to download a Trey show... I'm surprised that guy's page is still operational. ad
  3. I always suspected, but now I'm positive that The Who are in it for the money. Band member of 38 years dies, tour goes on 3 days later. Makes me sick. ad
  4. well, i'll leave the Trey in VT reviews to other people, except to say i thought the show was great and the weather was not. nice to see kyla, jay-nero-drummer, and howler as well. it's funny. i think everyone saturday night was hoping for guest appearances from the phish boys, and maybe some were too hung up on that to fully listen to and enjoy the show. the guy behind me wouldn't stop talking about how he heard page was there and how he heard they would play light up or leave me alone.... kinda annoying, and i hope he enjoyed the show as much as i did. as for top-name guest appearances, anyone who was at the Prince show in Ottawa can attest that two BIG names showed up on the NAC stage. Maceo Parker played the whole show, while Larry Graham (Sly & the Family Stone) came out for Sing a Simple Song. There were plenty of good covers (done Prince style) that Prince played just to make sure people didn't lynch him for playing a lot off his new (crappy) album. He played some Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Sinead O'Connor, and Ohio Players and some other stuff I can't remember right now. Maceo also played Pass the Peas, which was just wickedly funky. All in all, the bad parts of the show were really bad, but the good parts were supremely funky, and that's what I like. Oh yeah - lots of good quotes too: Prince: "Do y'all like the funk?" Crowd: "Yeah!" Prince: "Well we're gonna get deep in it tonight!" Crowd: cheers Prince: "We shoulda brought scuba gear!" and Prince: "Is it better to give or receive?" White guy in front row: "Give!!" Prince: "Well then why don't you give up your front row seat to this brother here?" White guy: gives up his seat Prince: gives white guy seat on stage good times. off to bed now... ad
  5. i'll be there, fresh from diploma-getting. will probably be getting rightiously smashed as well. cheers... ad
  6. Yeah, starting Thursday my 'week' is going to be one of the best in memory. nero Thursday night (after graduating from school!!), Trey in Vermont on Saturday, Prince in Ottawa Sunday, then the Herbaliser in Ottawa on Tuesday. Can't wait!! ad
  7. just got in from paris.. what'd i miss? what's happenin this weekend? ad
  8. ah yes, huge-ass internet cafe in madrid... just wanted to drop a line to say hello to all you skanks on the other side of the ocean. i see there´s been lots of good shows lately, which is excellent news. still waiting to catch up to supertramp on their european tour. davey-boy, i´m sure i can find a tour shirt... hasta luego... off to sunny malaga in a few days... oh, life is hard.... ad
  9. The GAScd benefit at Babylon is worth the $15 just to look at Kate Fenner, nevermind the fact that she and Chris Brown are really really good... ad
  10. Victory!! The lighter has been found!! Howler, go right ahead and throw it in the river if you like... I went and bought a shiny orange lighter this afternoon and it's fabulous. btw hockey fans, I'm no Leafs-Lover... Gimme the Flyers anyday! (just kidding). I don't really follow hockey... Dave-O and I cordially invite everyone here to the debut performance of Limp Jazz-Kit, sometime in the future after too much beer. And I was dishing out the beat down, not 'absorbing' it. The judging was fixed, I tells ya. Rock and Roll, fair Skanks. ad
  11. Last seen at the Bayou.. A blue, Toronto Maple Leafs Bic lighter. Approx. 2 inches tall. Spits flames when prompted. If found please return to Ping-Pong Palace, 336 Sunnyside. (A house full of jazz fans) Does anyone agree that Jay shouldn't have shaved his beard? Nice meeting Dave-O as well. I think Jyll stole my lighter. I was outside listening to the prophet ToddVelvet talk about Herbie Hancock and then came inside. My inebriated friend then proceded to wax poetic on the old Elvis Costello quote "talking (writing) about music is like dancing about architecture." He had a point: There are no words in the English language that can accurately describe 'music', so what's the point in it? I do it all the time, as does everyone here or the wouldn't be a community of Skanks, but I still maintain that he has a point. Oh yeah: Nice seeing Blane UnitMonster again, and I met a girl named Julia that owes money to OSAP. Jyll knows all sorts of interesting people. (Which is no excuse for stealing my lighter.) I know where you live Jyll! I'll steal Indie and sell her to Gypsies in Spain!! ad ps. He was a good lighter. I want him back...
  12. AD

    Trey Says:

    Good, Long New Trey article for y'alla good read.
  13. "A Man, A Plan, A Canal. Panama." by far my favourite. and logical taboot. ad
  14. Thanks, Treyter. I will indeed have fun in Spain. What am I doing there? The exact opposite of what I'd be doing here. Lounging on the beach all day, hitting all the best museums in the world, finding the best paella, checking out Basques (speaking of conflict...) talking to Monkees in Gibraltar, possibly going to Morocco... you know, the usual
  15. Let's see here... Gomez - In our Gun Trey - s/t Joel Plaskett - Down at the Khyber Portishead - Dummy Zeppelin - 1 ad
  16. Treyter: I'm not trying to egg anyone on or be controversial or anything. I'm not even playing devil's advocate here. There was no ill-will in any of my posts. I'd sit down and talk with you gladly, but (un)fortunately I'm off to Spain for a month on Saturday. RELAX. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Some facts for everyone: Israel is surrounded by 24 Arab nations. These 24 nations occupy 640 times the area that Israel does. Arabs outnumber Jews in the Middle East 50 to 1. My stance? For now, I am leaning towards supporting Israel. (Unless that UN probe into Jenin finds war crimes committed by Israeli troops). Even then, I'll still agree with Israeli policy, if not actions. My stance on Afghanistan? I think the whole campaign is laughable. Does Bush really expect to catch anyone? Are the States really doing any good by bombing and hunting down religious zealots on the other side of the world? Part of the Gulf War was testing out brand new American weapons. Ten years later... Hmmmm.... How many new weapons do they have now that haven't been tried on live targets? Perhaps that's my conspiracy theory alter-ego shining through. Arg. Lots of time spent on this. Back to packing for Spain! ad
  17. I hope you're not basing your whole belief system about this conflict on what your barber of 3 months ago told you... And Israel didn't have the land a thousand years ago; Israel has only existed for 55 years. Just out of curiosity, where do you stand on this whole 'War on Terrorism' in Afghanistan? ad
  18. Kind of ironic how we sit and discuss this light-heartedly at our personal computers, fresh off our nice and easy day at work or school, riding public transit without thinking twice, buying groceries, drinking coffee, expressing dissent...
  19. treyter: where do you think Osama, Hussein, and countless other groups get their weapons as well? The good ol' USA. ad
  20. AD

    pad thai

    Siam Kitchen has pretty good Pad Thai, although sometimes it tastes a bit too sweet. and don't order the shrimp from Siam Kitchen. A little bit mealy. Siam Kitchen is right across the street from the Bayou. ad
  21. AD

    Trivia Time #3

    Okay. I'm sensing that people might respond to more jam-band friendly questions (I really don't know, just a thought) so this one is geared towards that. I'm assuming that everyone here knows Charlie Hunter (of Charlie Hunter & Pound for Pound)as well as Roy Hargrove (jazz legend). If you don't, you definitely should. What 2000 Grammy & Soul Train Award-nominated album did both these jazz greats play on? ad
  22. AD

    Trivia Time #2!!

    Since interest is so low on this one, I'll post the answer and then be back with another question later on tonight. Maybe it'll be more interesting... Axl Rose's two desert island discs are: Queen - Queen II - "Because it's perfect" Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks - "So a passing ship will hear me." Next question in a little bit. ad
  23. AD

    Trivia Time #2!!

    Sean, I've been meaning to drop you a line.... Possibly out east during the summer. May I'll be in *Spain*, June I'll be graduating and seeing Trey in Vermont, July I might be in Trinidad, but I'll see if I can get some time to make a run for the (eastern) border. Rheos still rule. Let's hope they win the 'Alternative Album of the Year at the Junos'... Ha! Alternative..... I'm picturing Creed playing Saskatchewan and it's making me laugh. ad
  24. Before I fly out the door to the 67's game, I must riddle you all with the second installment of my nightly trivia series. In a recent interview, Axl Rose was asked the 'desert island discs' question. ("If you were stranded on a desert island, what CDs would you bring and why?") He gave two answers. What were they? Bonus section: What are yours? Mine are: Rheostatics - Double Live; & Stones - Exile on Main Street (I limit my answers to two, keeping in line with Axl). ad
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