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    Trivia also

    Hey there... I've actually chatted with her a bunch of times too. I wish I had a scanner so I could post the picture of her and me, me sporting a white-guy afro. I recommend that everyone pick up 'Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars'. My favourite Canadian album of the last 5 years.... alan
  2. AD

    Trivia also

    Ah sweet.. I love the Faces! Ronnie Lane was the reason why I started playing bass (along with Julie from Eric's Trip). All the damn Blur and Nirvana cover bands in Stratford didn't understand 'melody'... ad
  3. AD

    Trivia Time!

    Alright, it seems like this question was poorly worded, so here's the answer I have Pete Townshend - "This was a number I wrote while I was doing these experiments with tapes on the synthesizer. Among my plans was to take a person out of the audience and feed information - height, weight, autobiographical details - about the person into the synthesizer. The synthesizer would then select notes from the pattern of that person. It would be like translating a person into music. On this particular track I programmed details about the life of Meher Baba and that provided the backing for the number." Question #2 to come tomorrow. I'll phrase it better. ad
  4. AD

    Trivia Time!

    Jaimoe seems to be a Who fan... he's got the fact that yes, indeed it's a synth, but I'm looking for reasons why the melody is what it is... ad
  5. who's the intoxicated fool now?
  6. AD

    songs for kids

    Rheostatics - Story of Harmelodia
  7. AD

    Trivia Time!

    Pete Townshend seems to think it's done with synthesizers... ad
  8. AD

    Trivia Time!

    To keep in line with all these contest going on here, I'm gonna try and post an interesting music trivia question every night (but maybe not cuz I keep falling asleep on the couch.) I have no fabulous prizes to offer, but hey, you might learn something, and isn't that the best prize of all? Here's question #1. What's the story behind the synthesizer tones at the beginning of The Who's 'Baba O'Reilly'? ad
  9. If I were to enter this contest (therby keeping my streak alive ) how would I enter? Should I wait til the end of the week and post all 5 here, or email them to graham, or post each song individually as soon as i recognise it? seems like a really cool contest so far... ad
  10. Actually, Scottie, at Big Cypress I screamed 'oh bonnaroo' when I kicked the hackey-sack over my head and into my rye, after choking on Oreos because I was laughing to hard.... Ah, memories. Scottie wins the prize! What's your address again, Captain? booche - despite having an incredibly precise answer, you get runner up, partly because the prize I'm gonna send out is a copy of the show you sent me a while back...
  11. YAAAY!!! I won the contest!!! In celebration of my triumphant sunday (so far), the first person to post where the name 'Bonnaroo' came from will get a show from me in the mail! alan (ad)
  12. John Bell from Widespead Panic? Or perhaps this is a savvy promotion and the player is Mark Wilson (and the Way it Is)... I think I'm on to something here.... Although upon further inspection of the green pants I'm led to believe that it is Todd from the Fatties. That is my final answer. ad
  13. AD

    Question of the Day

    methinks american nomad said he dated her for a while in the past, jumped forward a few years to when they were both around 25, then 'exchanged presents'. unless he was 25 and she was in grade 9... (just kidding nomad...) i think he said the beginning stuff about grade 9, catholic school etc as background... go back and re-read the post and see for yourself. ad
  14. AD

    Question of the Day

    anything by roald dahl. charlie and the chocolate factory, the giraffe the pelly and me, etc... so good. ad
  15. AD

    Great Quote

    There's an article about David Crosby in the Sun today which contained the following quote: "There's some good people out there, but there's a lot of fluff. Things like N'Sync and Britney. These people are about as deep as a birdbath." Such a quality guy, that Crosby. ad
  16. shit, i dodn't get there last night. i'm sure it was an amazing show... Spearhead being taper (SBD) friendly, did anyone by chance tape this show? ad
  17. i'm bringing possibly a couple of non-sanctuarians to the show. they'll be amused by all the madness, methinks. how do i get my laminate? at the show? ad
  18. ... outside Babylon and he promised a smokin' show tonight. Anyone going?
  19. such a long thread and not a one post from me yet... count me in on the show, i'll be there with a bell on. ad
  20. AD


    i'll be at carleton for another 2 weeks, then i'm done. try not to live in rez unless you are really smart and get a new room with windows that open. i made that mistake first year and got stuck in glengarry.... ad
  21. the show is at bablyon. not too sure about cover. under $10 though. they're pretty good! ad
  22. AD

    Got New Trey?

    harpua: i'll definitely be at bnb tonight. wouldn't miss it for much... yes, i'll be there. ad
  23. I thought Thunder Bay was their hometown. I know Scott Farmer was from Owen Sound, but I'm pretty sure he went to Lakehead and met the rest of the guys there. ad
  24. AD

    Got New Trey?

    i'll ask the obvious question: how's the album?? alan
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