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  1. July 5 at the Blues Festival, the Down From the Mountain tour will be playing. This lineup features Ricky Skaggs, the Del McCoury Band, and many other solid bluegrass players. Watch for more Bluesfest announcements soon. I heard a pretty credible *Bob Dylan* rumour. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!! ad
  2. hey zimmerman... do you still work at queen video? i got a good friend who works there as well... small world. ad
  3. why don't you distribute them in record stores or something to actually promote the bands? i can't make it to any shows for the next little while but i'd still like to read this free publication. please don't hold them hostage and make us pay for them. ad
  4. AD

    Hey Bouche...

    I was wondering if you could add a show to the 'what's on' type thing on the main page of the skanktuary. For those of you who don't know, the wonderful Martin Tielli (of the Rheostatics) is playing at the Black Sheep in Wakefield next Friday the 15th. This is a 'solo' show promoting his solo acoustic album 'we didn't even suspect that he was the poppy salesman'. He's a truly gifted musician and we'd all be better off for seeing him next weekend. Thanks, alan
  5. lately i've been waking up to bad music: monday: backstreet boys tuesday: the titanic theme so today i woke up earlier than usual and turned on my cd player so that i could wake up to music that made me want to get up, be productive, and not miss the fucking bus. today i woke up to 'remedy' by the black crowes and it totally set the mood for the day. i'm thinking tomorrow will be 'rock and roll ain't noise pollution' by acdc. what does everyone else listen to to start their days off on the good foot? alan
  6. interesting thread... scottieking, old friend , said that it's the bands that strive for the long jams that are the jam bands in his mind. i think that if you're aiming for something that grand, it's never gonna be good as you hope. i have no clue what goes on the the minds of Phish, SCI, etc.. (and i don't think i want to know; it might spoil the mystique), but i don't think they say 'let's make this a long one, old chap' then start into a tune. back when i played with my old band (the mighty Superball from Stratford Ontario) we were pretty much a pop band (some would say equal parts pavement, beach boys and ac/dc, but a lot shittier) but we'd play until we though the song was finished, not until we were tired of playing it or or the audience was sick of it. we concentrated on the song, and whether it be 3 minutes with no improv or 15 minutes of pure discordant white noise, it remained about THE SONG. that's why i say in the above post that any band can be a jamband... in my head yo-yo ma could be a jammer if he followed where the music wanted to go... i'm rambling now, and i've kind of lost track of what i wanted to say, but i think someone out there might be able to make sense of this. alan
  7. i don't mean or want to sound like a jackass, but i think any band that jams is a jamband... they don't have to 'jam' all the time, but i think every band is in some way a jam band. many bands write the majority of their material this way, and even if they're not on-stage improvising every night they still possess the ability to 'jam'. maybe that's an overly simplistic answer to the question, but that's my take on the matter. ad
  8. AD

    Musician jokes

    how do you tell if a drum riser is level? there's drool coming out *both* sides of the dummer's mouth... ha alan
  9. AD


    Well, it's 7:15 PM and I'm just waking up after last night's festivities. I woke up in my own bed this time, which is good. Thanks to nero and Cafe Deckuf for helping me establish a new personal drinking record. This is also the longest and worst hangover I've ever had. Cheers to everyone I saw and talked to last night and a special cheers to Scottieking for encouraging me to get as messy as possible. btw, I thought the show was smokin'! Can't wait to hear it again. alan
  10. AD


    where / how to i get them? is it ticketmaster or admission? ad
  11. Mellow Mood.... so sweet... ad
  12. AD

    Super Sunday

    I was out tobogganing and couldn't shake!! Drat. alan
  13. AD

    Super Sunday

    So, do I win the bet or what? Looks like I was pretty close.... AD
  14. AD

    Super Sunday

    i'm saying patriots by 4. ad
  15. Pocket Dwellers are still playing with DJ Fase opening. alan
  16. AD


    Illuminati (Joe Gallant's version) is a seventeen-piece orchestra that performs music of the Dead arranged by Gallant, as well as Gallant's own compositions. Check out page 134 of Dean Budnick's book "Jambands" for more info. You should also try and find some of this stuff on tape. It's very very good and interesting stuff. ad
  17. AD


    their name is waaay too similar to Joe Gallant and Illuminati. Anybody heard them? they can fuckn' play! ad
  18. A New Deal show from Vancouver is on the radio right now (10:12 PM) in Ottawa at 103.3 FM. Check out your local CBC radio 2 frequency for the show. alan
  19. Bruce is the owner / sound guy, and suzie is his girlfriend. Bruce knows more about music than anyone I've ever met, probably, and has seen pretty much everyone that we all dream about seeing. He's a bit hard to talk to at first, but as soon as you show him some respect he'll open up and you'll have a good ole time. alan
  20. So where can I buy Dick's Picks in Ottawa? I NEED Volume 14 and I don't want to wait 4 weeks and pay the American exchange, so ideally I'd like to find these discs in O-Town. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks muchly.... alan
  21. AD

    Hey Nero boyz....

    OK, I'll look for you inside Babylon tonight!! alan I'm wearing a cheesy Florida tourist shirt. Please, no impersonators tonight.....
  22. AD

    Hey Nero boyz....

    I'll be there tonight, but I think it might be a bit crowded.... Sorry to be an idiot, but which one of the Nero boyz are you? Maybe it'd be easier if I got one through Kyla or something... If you let me know which boy you are and don't mind carrying a cd around all night I can get it tonight. Whatever works better for you.
  23. AD


    Anybody buy their vinyl there? I just got some wicked albums for super cheap. I got: The Police - Outlandos d'Amour Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Armed Forces Terrapin Station Wake of the Flood Zeppelin - In through the out door all for $29.65!!! Good day for me! Good tunes this afternoon, wicked party tonight and tomorrow night!!! ad
  24. Yo up. I still don't have your disc and I'd like to get it pretty soon. Any chance one of you will be at the Bayou tomorrow night and can bring a copy for me to purchase? That would be sweet. You can let me know at block_rockin_beats@hotmail.com Cheers ad
  25. AD

    The Word

    When did The Word play TO? I would have loved to see that. Damn. I thought they were only playing west coast dates these days... ad
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