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  1. Can't wait for the Friday show here in Ottawa! Scottie: if you're coming up for Nero, you know you've got a place to stay.... ad
  2. Matthew Sweet is a pop genius. I saw him a while back in London Ontario with his full-on band etc... He brought 4 racks of vintage guitars, 32 in all, and played each and everyone of them. He played 4 guitars in one song taboot! His roadies and guitar techs must hate him... ad
  3. Don't think anyone on this page knows me, but I'll be there, wearing a super-orange hoodie. Come say hello if you like... Chances are I'll be drunk. alan (ad)
  4. I deleted the email that told me where and when the bus was leaving from... can anyone fill me in quickly? email adodson@chat.carleton.ca if you can help a brother out. cheers ad
  5. Hey there Mr. Teacher.... Hope you had a good one. Say Hello to Tamasi for me if he's still kickin' around somewhere... Cheers alan
  6. are there transcripts from this discussion in CT somewhere? how are people knowing what's said? can someone point me in the right direction please? thanks
  7. AD

    Favourite Lyrics

    richard manuel's mom's old house is three doors down from mine in stratford. he used to play piano at my church. of course that was way before my time, but my parents have some great memories of that. ad
  8. Anyone know the the rule about beer before wine? I can't remember it and would like to know what to expect later while rocking to Nero... ad
  9. Is anyone going to be taking phone numbers etc... for people interested in the bus out to NB for New Years at tonight's Nero show? I know this was talked about earlier but can't remember if anything was decided. I'll be wearing an old Moxy Fruvous shirt and am interested in the bus trip, plus I'll be at the Bayou tonight, so if anyone is indeed organising something, find me and get my info... I don't really know any of your faces yet. Hope to see you there! Alan
  10. Blue Quarter are actually from out west, Canmore Alberta I think. Pretty good stuff... ad
  11. Northern Wish and Scottie: You know I've been looking for an excuse to get the crew assembled; that said, this excursion looks pretty interesting at the moment. Should be pretty cheap as well, so I'll say that I'm in as well. I'll try to round up a few like-minded people. NYE in NB? brrrr.... but why not?
  12. are you talking about dancing queen kyla ramsey? small world...
  13. me knows a little about these here computers... go nero! go ottawa! go phishsanctuary! ad
  14. that's a wicked poster... are there any print copies? it'd look sweet in my room... ad
  15. Anybody going tonight? They're playing at the Bayou in Ottawa South. Look for me later on in the night, most likely near or at the bar, with a navy Phish NYE '95 shirt. Gotta check out Joel Plaskett first at Zaphod's.... ad
  16. hey there, not much new to say, but if anyone noticed an extremely drunk kid at the comfort zone wearing a bright orange hoodie after oysterhead... well, that was me. who knows, i might have introduced myself from the stage... anyways, my cd player is currently the home to these fine discs: 1. the eric's trip show 2. frog brigade, set II 3. deltron 3030 4. herbaliser: blow your headphones 5. dead: workingman's dead tapedeck: deck 1 -> bjork live in cambridge deck 2 -> seapods 7.11.98 set II bookshelf: hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, part 5 (mostly harmless) video game: tony hawk 3 (sooooo good) i think that's enough stuff for tonight.. cheers alan
  17. Posted on Oysterhead.com this afternoon. Dinner is Ruined are pretty strange, in a good way. With Dave Clarke, former drummer for the Rheos. ad
  18. Koboyashi is opening tonight. 7-piece funk unit for MTL. ad
  19. thanks to scottie for bringing that quote up again... quite an amusing day that was, eh? what with the oreos, the rye-hackey-sack, and my hideous consumption of the sweet nectar... i've been here in ottawa for 4 years now, after having lived near london, in stratford, where i met up with scottie king and mr. tamasi (is he on this page?)... anyways, thanks for the welcome bouche.. i definitely continue to see the ottawa folk around town at shows, but maybe now will be able to put names to faces. i'll be at greyboy tomorrow, o-head and jomomma wednesday, rheos thursday then back to ottawa for joel plaskett/john ford and TMNS on saturday... cheers
  20. hello there... i'm new here so i'll say hello to everyone. i'm alan; you may remember me from such hotspots as the canadian phish traders page and its associated newsgroup. i thought i'd come over here and see what this place is all about. i'm in ottawa, which seems to be the place to be these days for music. you can probably catch me most nights at the bayou or babylon. i'm usually wearing a green phish hat and some sort of pant device, most likely holding a beer. come say hello if you think it's me. i'm also looking for the mmw ottawa show, as i have no room on my computer to get the show from blane on direct connect. if anyone can help me out, i'll be happy. i'll post a b+p as soon as i sort my list out... cheers all, ad
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