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  1. Brad would go to this show, tonight at Petit Chicago. I'll be close, at the Minotaure, for Grim Skunk and might drop by after if they're still playing. I'm not on Facebook, and feel that maybe only two people will read this tonight. http://www.petitchicago.ca/en/evenement/1994-Lancement-dalbum-Under-burning-skies-Souljazz-Orchestra
  2. Brad would go to this show, this Saturday at Petit Chicago. http://www.petitchicago.ca/en/evenement/1994-Lancement-dalbum-Under-burning-skies-Souljazz-Orchestra
  3. Marathon runners could not have kept up with Brad's attendance at shows. No way. I'm going to see a band tonight and I'm doing it for Brad. It's cold outside and I've been working all week. It's warm in my house and it'd be really easy to stay in. But I'm gonna go see a show for Brad. I'm just going to the Carleton Tavern to see a band play some covers of Dylan and Petty but I think Brad might have enjoyed that. I'll order a scotch as well, but I don't know if there's a scotch he would approve of there. Might end up being a whiskey.
  4. Oh wow, thanks for bumping that post, Hart. I was devastated to hear this terrible news. At home this morning, I heard Ollie yell "Oh no!"...to which I replied "Oh no...Who died?", thinking that yet another celebrity passed away. Unfortunately, the news was much worse, much closer to home. Brad was indeed a celebrity in his own right in this town's music community. I just saw Brad less than two weeks ago. I was always happy to see Brad at a house party or concert. I felt comfort when seeing him because if I didn't know who to talk to, I knew I could talk to him. And it was about
  5. I forgot about all the presales for this and so tried at noon today for the regular public onsale but I am having a weird experience with Ticketmaster. First off, there is no seat map that shows up for "Roger Waters" so that confuses me. And when I pick 2 seats, Standard Ticket, Best Available, it's just telling me that they were unable to process request and Try Again Later, but that was happening even at 12pm exactly. It's just giving me the option to buy the Platinum seating...oh darn, just realized that I have no choice but to choose an option for Platinum seating. I need to scroll do
  6. This is upstairs? I thought upstairs was for poetry readings and acoustic acts. How big is the upstairs?
  7. I feel strange not buying a full pass this year! Been doing that for years and I usually get the early bird price when available. But not this year for the first time in a long time. I think I'll wait to see the final schedule and maybe get a 3-day or 5-day pass if I don't decide to leave town in July instead, which would be something new to do! I like my Bluesfest summer evenings though! Well, just because I don't buy the presale doesn't mean I can't go...I don't like how they don't release all the information right now. Why can't I know now how much the 5-day pass will cost?
  8. haha, there ya go. I don't go on reddit often enough.
  9. If the Stones play in Ottawa, it would probably be at TD Place, no? And with outrageous prices like the AC/DC show that I'm not going to because tickets are too expensive and since I want only to be in good seats for that show, I got discouraged by that policy many shows now have...this one is first 15 rows, get in with credit card and ID only...can't sell tickets if you end up not being able to go.
  10. OK so now their web site URL just leads to their Facebook page. The web site was hacked by I can't remember who now.
  11. Their web site has been hacked. Poor Bluesfest...their bad lineup (ok, edit, so I sound nicer: not-so-interesting-to-me lineup) was leaked early and now their site is hacked. Maybe all this is a PR stunt.
  12. They are playing at the Métropolis in Montreal on November 6th. La Presse article here. Practice your French. http://www.lapresse.ca/arts/musique/entrevues/201410/03/01-4805953-un-buzz-nomme-the-barr-brothers.php
  13. Anyone going to this? Should be good! Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 8:00 PM http://www.ovation.qc.ca/Billets/ChoixSpecDate.asp?CodeSalleSpectacle=0E00MP&CodeRepresentation=0E01R6&LP=183Yl17&PER=18z5r17&CodeSiteClient=00000V&Lang=EN
  14. "Moonface is singer, songwriter, keyboardist, Spencer Krug, known previously by his former bands Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes and Swan Lake." Wolf Parade was great, so I'm going! I've never listened to his solo stuff, but I will. This will also be a reason to check out this Bluesfest School of Music and Arts venue. Moonface Thursday, October 30, 2014 Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm Bluesfest School of Music & Art Ottawa, ON $13.00 http://www.spectrasonic.com/event/695057/?utm_source=tw1
  15. why is there a space in my url? I didn't do that.
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