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  1. RobL

    Ottawa Jazzfest

    yup super suprised about the lineup. nothing gets me excited
  2. RobL

    Bluesfest 2019

    the style of music is not always flamenco. It's more about the quality of there playing for me
  3. RobL

    Bluesfest 2019

    rodrigo y Gabriela is a do not miss. Jason Isbell. devil makes three and brandon taz neidauer he was col bruce Hampton protege he was working with when he passed away
  4. RobL


    i have been playing nero for the past two weeks on repeat. im ready!!!@
  5. I rented a car to him and Randy once. They were in town for a show at Algonquin. They rented a compact car I gave them a caddilac for the same price. They were grateful. I asked for an autograph. He wrote thanks for the caddilac shithawk. Mr Lahey. Rip brother
  6. I'm all set hoping to set up velvet and phorbsie. Jrad at redrocks Thursday before phish!!
  7. Hello. Just decided to go yesterday to Dicks. All I have i a Friday secured. Need two for each night. Anyone have extras. Thanks Rob
  8. RobL


    I have two tickets for sale for Tuesday night show. Have to sell together as in pdf format together. Can email tickets. Asking 67 for pair. What I paid.
  9. Kenny is on at the same time as scofield medeski and DEJOHNETTE. Most of will be inside I am thinking
  10. A good friend told me they co ordinate heavily with http://www.rochesterjazz.com/ every year so keep an eye on there schedule. Official announcement will be March 9th
  11. RobL

    Gord Downie

    Yes sir I scored for ottawa. Can't wait
  12. RobL

    Gord Downie

    If anyone discovers the presale codes for ottawa or toronto please post here
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