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  1. Schwa.

    Delfest 2014

    The Unseen Strangers actually earned their way onto the bill by winning the Amateur contest at last years festival. BONIFIED! I'm about 90% in for this years fest. Great lineup and i'm happy to see that they're over their rock phase and are back to having this bluegrass fest represent more friggin' bluegrass.
  2. the blizzard this year was comparable to the one that we had for that GroundhogFest/Jamband Fundraiser.
  3. Congrats on the new addition, Chris and Sara!!!
  4. i laughed a lot, there. Good on ya, Otta-schwa.
  5. http://bit.ly/umFREE1023 enjoy!!
  6. whatever happened, it's one giant shame. Willy quitting that band, for me, was on par for some folks around here having Cooley quit DBT or something similar. I miss his voice every time I hear on of their songs.....and his new stuff is shyte.
  7. no doubt. don't even bother to open a thread about the final season if you don't want spoilers, guy! hank is onto walt. jesse is going crazy hank's wife is annoying mike is dead drugs are bad.
  8. Jesse losing his mind is Arthur jumping the...
  9. Happy belated, my sweet Otta-schwa.
  10. HA! but now....i get the best of both worlds, an OCMS show on the friday and the wedding of a good buddy on saturday.
  11. Schwa.

    KK is famous

    man i hope he eludes this shit. Brian Burke is a cocksucker and a complete ego maniac. Put that in your lawsuit and smoke it, dickbag.
  12. Schwa.

    The Slip

    now i get it.
  13. I'm certain that c-clowns doesn't want his back. hope you make a profit from it!
  14. Brian Burke fathers a child with popo.
  15. Schwa.


    Touched a nerve, did I? waaaaaaaa, don't pick on my festival. idiot.
  16. Schwa.


    posers, all. finally a reason to go to Hillside....c-towns, i'll run the camera.
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