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  1. Arcane, do you come from a race of people practically extinct from doing things smart people don't do?
  2. Best gift ever! One of those red and black bikes with the fake gas tank on it and SHOCKS! i was the coolest kid on my block for at least 36 hours. I think that will be topped when i give myself the gift of seeing PLQ and the Allmans at Pineknob on my birthday this summer. June 30th. Everyone needs to head down from the cold cold north for that show!! Yous can stop at my house, sleep there, go swimmin and boozin all day and head to the show at night (about 1.5 hour drive to the show and a great venue) A plan in the works.
  3. Hey ya'll. Came across a nice mural painted on a wall in San Fran somewhere. This one will have some meaning for all the Heads that were in Big Cypress. sorry that they are so big bouche.
  4. Olives are fucking gross! The best pizza toppings are found in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons: jelly beans ketchup chocolate chips right click X and show picture. TURTLE POWER!
  5. Ya. Indecision comes with the territory.
  6. MIne is quite appropriate. GRRRRRRRR. I mean..... Shut up you.
  7. BTW i just thought i'd let ya's know that i'm listening to PH 6-11-94 Fluffhead right now and i feel like i'm foating....oh my god I forgot about the Scent that comes after it. Look Out Ethel, I'm Dancin'!!!
  8. Well put Chubb. backbacon, ACE Schwa and Myself will do our part a way down here in Chatham.
  9. I say we all get in on the colouring contest. Mine will all be coloured in "Sativa-green"
  10. ....how was the show last night guys?
  11. funny you should say that, because i had mentioned to backbacon that i might merge the two. Schwativa rolls of the tongue nicely eh?
  12. Thanks for clearing that up doggy. Yes people i was refering to the BNB show. Dying to hear a review. And to answer your question gm, i reside inside Schwa's head. Sativa was the name i registered with long before Schwa but i forgot that i did for some dumb reason so i made up Schwa as well. So now i go on according to what sort of mood i'm in.
  13. Me too. i'm serious. i came on here for that very reason and was greatly disappointed to see that someone had beat me to the punch. Oh well, good job Reba! We're in the "below 30 club" U2 solargarlic!
  14. .....check out this site. http://www.marijuana.org/farmphotos2.html
  15. Smoking some of myself. Where are you Indica? What's that Schwa? Screw you pal!
  16. I thought that i would do my part to make the thread longer. go for the Record!! BTW what is the record for longest thread? Yeah, i'm the first one on Page 3. <--thats a lot of tongue.
  17. No chance man. I may reside in Schwa's body but i am Sativa, the real deal. Schwa's alter ego, me, will prevail and that dumbass Schwa will fall by the wayside. Death to Schwa!!
  18. If i can scrounge up some dough i'll be going backbacon. Maybe i can go with you there, Schwa told me that you were a good dude to party down with.
  19. Good work Velvet. Excellent initiative. I'l be there with bells on my man.
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