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  1. Come Meggo and bring Banjo! I'm bringing Danko.
  2. Ms Zimmy

    Udupi Palace

    Ceylonta in Ottawa is awesome.
  3. Ms Zimmy

    Chicken on the grill

    I like mine raw, and whole, grillings for woosies.
  4. Ms Zimmy

    Unique Instruments

    I couldn't post vids, but now I can! mW0B1sipLBI Thanks esau xo
  5. Ms Zimmy


    herb and spice always seems to have good ones...thats it. not sure if you can grow an avocado tree here....but you can grow it as a house plant. you need 2 plants if you want fruit. but the trees get big... mmmm avocado sushi rolls.
  6. Ms Zimmy


    buy avocado from Herb and Spice. Roast garlic and have brie, avocado and roasted garlic on toasted buns mmmmm
  7. I have a ticket for Dekcuf...I don't want to go to Mavericks....I want my money back!!!
  8. Why don't you thank them in person when you see them next....whenever that might be....probably never.
  9. Ms Zimmy


    OMG 1 cm? get out there and stock up on canned food, that's what I would do.
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