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  1. Row AA for the 6th at Artpark..
  2. We're getting presale tix tomorrow for Art Park and they're $60ea. from what I gather...
  3. I spoke with Gern and there's another date confirmed. March 12 - Two Doors Down, Brantford Should be fun!
  4. I just spent my day shovelling the driveway and dug out two cars here in snow past my knees with my 60oz of whiskey by my side. My landlord has a plow but the "paying" jobs were a little more important I guess. The snow still hasn't let up here at all. Next will be the trek downtown with the handy flask in hand to see the Fatties!
  5. It is pretty snowy out there... but I'll be makin' the few block trek to keep warm and join the party.
  6. me too! i hung out in the bath with my ol buddy vino
  7. NewRider, don't ya think that after one or even two times you might have realized that people weren't going to answer... but six times? seriously?!?! hahahh Drunken Dietrich!
  8. Have a blast everyone, wish i could make it. Glad the ticket made it to ya in time AlphaNerd!
  9. hahah he's good at what he does.... or doesn't do.
  10. My grandfather did the exact same thing, and it was rare for him to speak of what he saw.
  11. sorry c-towns and large... someone beat ya to it. I express posted this morning. hope ya find a way to make it to the rock show.
  12. This is pretty short notice, but I have an extra ticket cause I'm not able to make it now. I'm in Brantford and you'd have to come and pick it up or I will be in Hamilton during the day tomorrow if that works. If you're interested, PM me! Cheers
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