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  1. Won't be making it this year. its a crazy walk from the parking to the camping area. and the stage is setup at the bottom of a huge hill, which can make getting back up to the camping area at the end of the night.... interesting. the new venue was good. I missed the old one though.
  2. I have an m9 and its incredible. way too many options. I truthfully don't use any of them lol.
  3. Fleet sound in bells corners has all kinds of turntable stuff, needles cartridges and so on.
  4. I find them incredibly boring.
  5. jonyak

    Human cheese

    how is making cheese out a cows milk any more natural???
  6. whoa, wait seriously?? I thought they had broken up looooooong ago. amazing band. I have their 2 first albums.
  7. I have wireless to the home. it sucks.
  8. I always make it a point to listen to music, I donèt like. I want to know why I donèt like it.
  9. I guess you've never seen how they handle and feed regular fowl in large factory style fowl farms.
  10. The third link down on that is for ebay listings of the turntable. or sorry, for other models similar I guess. I would take it into a record store and ask them. I know legends in ottawa sells older tables and he could probably help you.
  11. Let me google that for you. :content:
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