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  1. https://writersfestival.org/events/spring-2019/one-on-one
  2. The new Trey movie is playing once - July 17th - at a bunch of theatres, including a lot in Canada. For Ottawa folks, Dan Lyons has extras he's trying to sell. https://www.betweenmeandmymind.com/tickets/?campaign=USA_BMM_MailChimp_SANSA
  3. Saw him in a small dance bar in Moncton before he was signed; place didn't even have a stage. There was maybe fifty, sixty people there. I had never heard of him and was completely utterly blown away by the show. Unfortunately, when he came out to shill his 7" single (See The Light) I was down to my last $3. Beer or record...beer or record. You know which way I went. Damn...wish I still had that beer.
  4. Booche, it's "Fyre". I keep thinking that you're talking about a Glenn Frey festival. Then I remember that Glenn Frey is dead.
  5. I'll take Festival Locations for $200.
  6. I hear the Foreigner cover band only has one original member left. Kudos.
  7. When they announced the lineup and had the ticket onsale date set for weeks in advance I was suspicious. When does that happen?!?! Well, seems like they are having problems down there. The Black Keys have pulled out, the fest doesn't have the proper permits yet, and now they've postponed the ticket sales. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/04/woodstock-50-ticket-postponement/
  8. Yeah, I didn't know that he had stopped talking at shows again.
  9. I agree 100% edger. That Jack White show last year where no phones were allowed inside was such a breath of fresh air. I can see it becoming standard for a lot of shows. Okay, maybe that's more "hope" than anything, but either way yeah, I'm with you on this.
  10. Every time I hear of Dawes I mistake them for Foals, probably because I saw them back-to-back at a festival once. Foals was so bad at that festival I wanted to beat them up and I wanted to beat up the people that signed them, and the people that produced their records, and I even wanted to beat up their guitar tech. Having them play at the festival was a horrible, horrible waste of time, not to mention electricity. I never thought that innocent musical notes could be put together so atrociously.
  11. Peace & Love & The Killers.
  12. Velvet

    Bluesfest 2019

    Oh yeah, unquestionably heavy players. We'll see if their set conflicts with Phish or not...
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