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  1. Velvet

    Bluesfest 2019

    Oh yeah, unquestionably heavy players. We'll see if their set conflicts with Phish or not...
  2. Lineup is out. I'm excited to see Chicago. Other than that I might be spending most of the festival drinking beers in my backyard for the first time...ever? https://ottawajazzfestival.com/shows/
  3. Ahem...that's Kim Mitchell and David Wilcox...on the same bill! I'm confident that people will be flying in from around the continent for this, if not the world. It's not like Phish hasn't played at MSG before.
  4. Velvet

    Bluesfest 2019

    Chicago will be playing at Jazzfest, which is more interesting to me than the entirety of the Bluesfest lineup. Though I hope to see Yonatan Gat again. He's great. And Isbell of course. And yeah, Rodrigo y Gabriela is pretty impressive, but I've just never been into flamenco. Gosh, I hope Peter Cetera isn't with Chicago.
  5. This is Doug (from The John Henry's) and his psychedelic rock project that he has been rehearsing for literally years, and their first gig will be at Ottawa's awesomest bar, Irene's on Saturday, March 30th. Tix are available online. This has a high likelihood of being amazing, but no guarantees. You've been warned, both ways. Seriously though, 85% chance of it being amazing. https://www.facebook.com/psychedelicottawa/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARA3X1asnKpb4fhyLqsljWhYQOMSnmph5CgzZDpEqYqHXhgCyuBpycMb7KsRCGZpaJCg3V_rXPrJ6t3E
  6. What a great player. He will be missed.
  7. Velvet

    Bluesfest 2019

    Bet the have this tour booked for Bluesfest: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/heart-announce-tour-with-joan-jett-sheryl-crow-brandi-carlile-more/?fbclid=IwAR0ImImOMDIbq4JN5NxSj1fJUxYlEDa0UzlcSQBKEOUmTW_H5Yk6s9P8b7M
  8. So you're saying the main/only drawback to the venue is the in-and-out parking situation? That sucks, but it won't be enough to keep me away. Bad sound, bad sightlines, stupid onsite rules or other things like that might be though.
  9. Apparently the capacity will be 71,600. I understand the venue is considered to have a 100,000 capacity. Maybe they're keeping ticket sales a little lower than usual (for some reason) and it'll be a little roomier in there?
  10. Why horrendous? What's your experience there? I have a couple of hotels booked but I'm not 100% convinced I'm going yet.
  11. The collaboration last night was great too. Kevin with his bass player and drummer (two fine, fine musicians) plus a sax player, playing each others' songs. 'Twas great.
  12. Maaayyybe. http://www.iheartradio.ca/news/rolling-stones-lips-smack-of-toronto-concert-1.8720896
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